When good is not expensive: CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO XT keyboard on sale!

If we have ever been before a quality keyboard we will have seen its features, design and materials, but if not, differentiating within the low range of keyboards between the good, the best and the not so good will not be easy. The high-end has its banners, the low-end is full of models and the average is beginning to be, for this reason and on the occasion of this offer we will be able to acquire a mid-range keyboard at a low price.

CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO XT, little known but tremendously interesting

Usually the offers come to products that are sales leaders, that the brand wants to open a gap in the stock or simply wants to popularize it above the competition. Today we are in the latter case, since despite the fact that this CORSAIR K55 RGB PRO XT is well placed in the mid-range, you may not even know that it existed.

For this reason, CORSAIR wants to give it a push, because according to what we are going to see this keyboard is really interesting. Let’s start with its form factor, full keys, that is, it is a complete keyboard with numpad and multimedia keys, something that many will appreciate because the market seems to veer to the TKL or 60%.

To cost what it currently costs, it is difficult to assimilate that we are facing an RGB keyboard with support for iCUE and integrates six customizable lighting effects with independent zones, five in particular.

Forget the problems with liquids, removable wrist rest

If you are a somewhat clumsy or careless user, this keyboard will suit you perfectly, since CORSAIR certifies it with IP42, so spills and dust will not affect it, so we will never have to stop.

Another advantage is the control of macros, since we have up to 6 specific and exclusive keys that are fully programmable, which can be configured using the iCUE software itself. As if that were not enough, these special keys can also be assigned via the Elgato Stream Deck.

To top it off we will have a removable wrist rest, a specific key to block the Windows key, specific multimedia keys to control music and volume and of course, a complete numpad for users. Without a doubt, the price is the best, because we went from 79.99 euros to a more interesting 59.99 euros, a fall of 25%. Do not let it escape!

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