When is it better to use a PLC: We help you solve your doubts

In this article we have already explained what a PLC device is and exactly how it works, and we have also seen that they are very easy to use, since they do not require any type of complex configuration. On the other hand, we have also told you on more than one occasion that there are versions that are not limited to cable, and that can also work as Wi-Fi repeaters.

At this point I am convinced that all of you will be clear about everything behind a PLC, but do you know when they are the best option? This is a question that continues to generate doubts, and it is normal because, in the end, the price difference between a PLC and a repeater is usually not too marked. However, if we go to a PLC with Wi-Fi repeater functions, that price difference increases considerably.

Therefore, in this article I am only going to focus on assessing those cases in which we should choose, yes or yes, a PLC limited to cable instead of a Wi-Fi repeater. I hope that, with everything that we are going to see next, you can solve your doubts, and that it helps you decide which option is the best for your current situation. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Cases in which you will be right with a PLC


The first case is one of the most common: when you have to travel a considerable distance, either horizontally or vertically (take your Internet connection to a higher or lower floor). In this situation, a PLC would be the best option because we would not have to worry about the classic problems that a repeater poses in this scenario.

It is enough to connect the first PLC to the router and place it in a socket. Afterwards, we only have to connect the second PLC in the room where we want to take our Internet connection. If we use a repeater, it is likely that we will still have range problems, and in many cases this option is directly unfeasible, by distance and obstacles.

And speaking of obstacles, this brings us to the second case in which it will also be better to opt for a PLC, when we have many walls, objects and sources of interference that can greatly affect a wireless connection. Even if the distance is not too great, we must remember that a repeater will have problems with certain construction materials, such as concrete, sheet metal and drywall, and also with sources of interference, such as certain appliances.

In these cases, a wireless signal may be unusable in a few meters, and therefore our best option would be to resort to a PLC device, since, by operating through the electrical network and in a wired way, You won’t have any of those problems. that we have indicated.

Finally, we have a third case that applies in a more specific way, and that is therefore less common. It is also better to opt for a PLC when we want to connect only a specific device, and this You need the most stable connection, and with the lowest latency, possible. Thus, for example, if we want to connect a PC or a game console, both to play online, a PLC could be the best option.

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