When is it better to use VLC’s minimal interface

The multimedia player sector continues to grow largely due to the widespread use we make of these programs. Whether to play all kinds of music, our favorite movies and series, or any other content of this type, apps like VLC They are here to help us.

It must be said that the programs we are talking about are currently present both on desktop computers and on mobile devices. A clear example of all this can be found in the application called VLC that will be more than familiar to most of you. Not in vain is it one of the media players most loved in the world. Keep in mind that his good reputation has been more than earned.

There are several strong points that we can highlight regarding this application that we are commenting on. On the one hand, we find his stability and reliability in operation. At the same time, it is compatible with most of the current multimedia file formats, and has a multitude of customizable parameters. These allow the program to be adapted both to users who just want to play their videos, and to those who want to configure the application to the maximum.

In turn, VLC offers us a good number of customization functions for its interface. And it is that by being able to adapt the aspect of the program to our needs, on many occasions we manage to get better performance out of it. In fact, in these same lines we are going to talk about a interface mode which may be useful in certain circumstances. To give you an idea, we refer to the so-called VLC minimum interface.

Advantages of using the minimal interface of VLC player

The first thing we need to know is that this player display mode what it does is hide all the controls of it. One of the main advantages it offers us is that, even when play a file on a non-full screen, the usual buttons in these programs are completely hidden. For example, this is much more professional and apparent if, for example, we are showing a video for some work clients.

Something similar happens if we are showing some type of content to a certain audience through VLC and we do not want the usual buttons to appear start-up or stop. In addition, we must know that this is a state or display mode that we can change at any time to return to normal. Another very interesting utility of the minimal interface of this program is to make audiovisual presentations in the educational environment, for example.

minimal vlc

To benefit from all this that we tell you, we only have to click with the right button on the main desktop of VLC. Once the context menu appears, we have to go to the View / Minimal interface option. At that moment we will see how all the buttons automatically disappear and we are only left with the playback window, even if we are not working in full screen.

It is worth mentioning that we can also activate this interface display mode with the key combination Ctrl + H. Therefore, to return to normal mode, we only have to use the same keyboard shortcut again.

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