When laughing is the solution: the best comedies on Apple TV +

The most outstanding that we can find

Talk about Apple series and not mention Ted lasso it would be almost a crime, more if we focus on comedies. This series has been nominated for hundreds of awards, becoming the platform reveal series. It tells the story of Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), an American football coach who lands in the prestigious Premier League to coach an English football historian. All this triggers a series of very funny events in view of Lasso’s inexperience in the beautiful sport of the old continent. The series will premiere its long-awaited second season in July, now having 10 full episodes of the first to enjoy.

The British comedy Cycles, also known as Trying by its original name, is currently airing its second season with new episodes every Friday. The plot centers on a young couple who decide to immerse themselves in the complicated process of adopting a child. The complications that are found leave some stellar moments of comedy, although the more reflective message left by the series is also appreciable, which, without becoming a drama, gives a much-needed point of coherence.

Mythic Quest It has already issued two seasons and although it has not yet renewed for a third, it is undoubtedly one of the public’s favorites. Everything revolves around a fictional video game franchise in a very satirical way, leaving great and hilarious characters that sink deep into the viewer. From an egocentric leader who rejects failure to secondary characters who are absolutely essential for the future of the series and the creation of funny moments.

The series based on the life of Emily Dickinson it can be a drama without ceasing to be a comedy and vice versa. With its narrative licenses with respect to real events, this series leaves us tremendously funny and unknown moments of what was one of the female references in the poetic literature of the United States and one of the first standard-bearers of the feminist struggle. It already aired two seasons with a total of 20 episodes and will return next year with the broadcast of its third season.

We also find other outstanding titles in this regard on the platform that are at least worth mentioning. It is the case of musical comedy Central park or the recently released Physical capable of turning complex situations linked to drama into extremely funny moments. The first is in its second season with new chapters every Friday, while the other recently premiered and offers a weekly chapter (they are going for the fourth).

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