When should I not update my favorite torrent client?

As with the applications that we have installed, all of this is something that can be extended to operating systems. In most cases, the developers of our software send us new features through these updates. They are also patched in the latest discovered vulnerabilities and different bugs previously detected are corrected. In fact, these types of movements become almost essential to maintain the health of all our programs.

However, on certain occasions we may find that this is not entirely recommended. We mean that the updates on certain occasions they should not be installed as quickly as their creators recommend. For example, this is something that happens with the aforementioned clients for downloading Torrent files. These are programs that we use to share all kinds of content over the Internet and using the popular P2P networks. As with all other applications, the developers of titles such as uTorrent either qBittorrent they are responsible for sending these updates to their projects on a regular basis.

But there are certain circumstances and situations where downloading and installing these new versions is not the best thing to do. It is for all this that we are going to talk about certain situations in which we are not interested update our torrent client Favourite.

Updating the torrent client is not always the best decision

If we have installed a certain program for the download these files and it works correctly for us, sometimes we settle for this. Actually, we want to tell you that we do not need additions in the form of extensions, plugins or updates. Let’s see when we can reject these new versions in our favorite program for torrent downloading.

  • Incompatibility with other programs: on some occasions we can find ourselves, although after installing a new update, the program stops working. This may be due to various incompatibilities with other installed applications or even with some component of our equipment. In that case, the best we can do is reinstall the previous version and wait for those problems to be resolved in the next Torrent.
  • Excessive consumption of resources: also on some occasions the new versions implement great functional and appearance changes. This translates into a high consumption of resources that our computer may not be able to support due to its limitations or because it is somewhat old. In that case we could avoid that new update with every reason.
  • Unnecessary new features: the usual thing is that the shipment of new versions brings with it the arrival of initially innovative functions. However, for many users, especially the less experienced, all this is nothing more than an inconvenience and a complication that they do not need. Precisely from there his decision to continue working with the current version of his favorite Torrent client.
  • Interface news: Sometimes these software submissions focus on the user interface. If we are satisfied with the current aspect of our software client and we do not want aspect novelties that do not bring us anything, that update is not worth it.

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