When should I turn on the Windows 10 storage sensor

In fact, when we talk about Microsoft software, we mean the world’s most widely used desktop operating system. Although many users reject it, the truth is that it is a very good system. All this while waiting for the new Redmond product to reach our hands in this regard, Windows 11. Be that as it may, along these same lines we want to focus on the aforementioned storage units.

And is that as many of you will already know first-hand, running out of space on the PC can be a serious problem. It is true that at that time we just have to start uninstalling applications, and delete unnecessary files. But this is not always as simple a task as we would like. It is precisely for this reason that the software giant’s own system tries to help us. As they say, prevention is better than cure, hence precisely the existence of the function Storage sensor.

This is a Windows function that will be very helpful to avoid reaching that dreaded moment of running out of disk space, but it is not activated by default.

How to activate Storage Sense

Therefore, many may wonder when we should activate this functionality from the Settings application, something that we will talk about next. But first of all we must know how to activate this element, for which we only have to use the key combination Win + I. This will give way to the configuration application integrated into the operating system itself, so in this case we go to the System section.

In the left panel we find several options, but the one that interests us in this case is the so-called Storage, where we click. Next, in the right panel, we will see a selector that allows us to activate the aforementioned Storage Sensor.

When it is preferable to activate this function in Windows

Probably the first months after doing a clean install of Windows 10 it is not necessary to activate this functionality if we do not want it. However, as time goes by we install and uninstall applications, not to mention our own files such as photos and videos that we use in them. Even if we have some control of everything we have stored in our disk drives, there are always useless remains.

Therefore, the moment we see that the units of disk of the PC are beginning to fill and we do not know the reason, that is the moment to activate the Storage Sensor. And it is that with this and automatically, we managed to get rid of a multitude of records useless, Windows itself is in charge. In fact, we will see how sometimes we even free up several gigabytes of the hard disk, which will always be appreciated.

Configure Storage Sense

To all this, we must add that in addition to the activation as such, this is a function that presents us with various parameters of configuration and customization. In this way we achieve that it is more effective and that it adapts more to our needs. Thanks to this, we have the possibility to specify those elements that we want to be eliminated automatically, or not. At the same time, we can also indicate how often we want this cleaning feature to be put into operation.

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