When to hire a renting for freelancers?

Long-term vehicle rental is known as renting, and there are two types on the market renting individuals or renting for professionals. In both cases, it is a rental contract for a new vehicle that is assigned to a lessee, in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. These agreements establish a period of time (normally more than one year) and a mileageIf the client exceeds it, he will have to pay penalties.

The great advantage of this rental model is that the tenant he forgets to pay the extras that means owning a car, such as insurance, maintenance, ITV, tires, etc… For this reason, renting for freelancers has become a very interesting contract for a self-employed professional. In addition, the expenses you incur may be deducted by the Treasury.

Advantages of renting for freelancers

For a self-employed it is interesting to hire a rental vehicle, instead of buying a car, whether he has to make many trips per year (for example, a commercial) or if he works within the city, making deliveries. By paying a monthly fee, you forget about any problems that cars usually cause, from the point of view of taxes and repairs. In addition, the company gives you advance notice to pass the relevant reviews, while this is happening, he provides them with a rental vehicle. In this way, the worker does not have to waste time and money looking for another car.

The professional renting for freelancers It is something different from what can be offered at a private or large company level. Normally these contracts are adapted to the circumstances of the self-employed and offer the following advantages:

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  1. Flexible service. The duration of the contract is much more flexible than in other cases, so that it adjusts to the needs of the client’s business. In addition, the fleet of available cars is much broader, as they include vans, passenger cars, and other professional models that are not available on a personal level.
  2. Mileage and coverage are also extended, and includes comprehensive insurance, repairs, taxes, etc. all with a single monthly fee. Of course, it will be the lessee who will have to pay the fuel costs that the car needs while it is being used.
  3. Personal adviser. The self-employed has a professional who knows well what the general circumstances of the self-employed worker are and can recommend a specific vehicle.
  4. There is no entry or deposit. Vehicle renting does not require a down payment or a guarantee deposit, in this way, the professional does not have to make any outlay at the beginning to be able to rent the vehicle.


The rental cars on offer vary continuously, so you have to be very attentive to the web to find what you really need. You can currently find a car for something more than 200 euros to mes, a maximum of 10,000 kilometers per year and a contract of approximately 60 months. The models with these conditions are:

  • FORD Transit Courier Van 1.5TDCi Trend 75. It is a special van for small loading and towing jobs. It has a glazed tailgate and additional protection in the cargo area.
  • NISSAN Micra IG-T Acenta 92. A very comfortable passenger car for traveling long distances, it has air conditioning, rain sensor, electric windows and power steering.
  • KIA XCeed 1.0 T-GDi Eco-Dynamics Drive. It is a car with cargo or trailer capacity, as it comes equipped with roof bars. This vehicle also stands out for its safety, ABS + EBD + BAS, double front airbag, LED headlights, etc.

In short, car rental is very interesting in some professions and, in the end, It is cheaper Than to buy a vehicle of property and, above all, you get rid of headaches. You know that you can change cars from time to time, brand new vehicles each time. In addition, during the time you are in the workshop, they will provide you with a replacement vehicle.

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