When will Apple launch its new MacBooks? Possible dates

Possible dates if there is Apple Event in October

Although we cannot rule out that the event will be in November, the month in which new Macs were presented last year, we can almost assume that it will be in October, which is where all the leaks point. When we are on September 24, we do not have any official confirmation of this, so several hypotheses are opened.

Some sources suggest that it will be at the middle of the month, which are usually always weeks chosen by Apple. Therefore the October 12 or 13 They could be more than suitable dates for what would be, except surprise, the last Apple Event of the year. An event that would once again be telematic as it has been happening since 2020 because of the pandemic and who knows if it could already be the last, hoping that in 2022 the situation will calm down and face-to-face events can be held safely.

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What products would Apple present?

Having already been able to see all the virtues of the M1 chip and the importance that this type of processors is gaining for Apple, we cannot do anything but imagine that the company will once again give absolute prominence to its computers at an event. Therefore, and despite the AirPods 3 still pending, everything indicates that it will be entirely dedicated to Macs.

With this campus, we are waiting for new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. And no, we were not wrong when saying ’14’ instead of ’13’, since several sources and even confidential documents leaked have revealed that the small model of the MacBook Pro will go to 14 inches with a redesignsimilar to what the 15-inch model suffered 2 years ago when it turned 16.

Among its characteristics stands out the M1X processor, vitaminized version of the M1 with more power cores that allow you to focus on even more professional audiences. In addition, some would be recovered ports like HDMI, card reader and even MagSafe, thus complementing the 2-4 USB-C ports currently offered by Apple laptops. It remains to be seen if the redesign of these MacBook is deep at the level of the iMac or if it is something more discreet.

mac pro mini concept

Jon Prosser’s “Mac mini Pro” Concept

The possible arrival of a intermediate version between Mac mini and Mac Pro, with the same chip as laptops and targeting a demanding audience, but the Mac Pro is far from their pretensions. MacBook Air not expected, which if they would come redesigned, but already for 2022 and with a basic chip that would be the M2, which a priori would enjoy less power than the M1X.

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