When will iOS 15.1 be released for iPhone and what’s new?

It could even be released next week

Taking into account that on Monday there will be an Apple event presumably focused on the new Macs and that macOS Monterey could finally be officially launched, we can intuit that perhaps Apple will also launch what would be the first major update of the rest of operating systems such as iOS and iPadOS.

If we also take into account how advanced the betas are in terms of stability, we see no reason not to happen. It is not confirmed, but it is a conjecture that would make a lot of sense. And with respect to the versions ’15 .0.1 ‘and ’15 .0.2’ being released previously, we must say that it would not be a problem, since in the end these were updates released urgently for the correction of errors and implementation of security patches that couldn’t be delayed.

The main novelties that will bring to your iPhone and iPad

Probably the most prominent function is that of SharePlay, functionality already announced months ago and expected for the first versions, but was finally discarded. This is the function that allows screen sharing and content playback such as series and songs through FaceTime.

Will also be added new functions to the iPhone 13 as is the case of a button that enables and disables the Macro Mode, as well as the activation of the ProRES format for video in the ‘Pro’ models (at 1,080p in those of 128 GB and in 4K for those of 256 GB and higher capabilities). It is also expected that HomePod now accept Dolby Atmos, Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio, functions announced months ago and that have not yet been released on the speakers.

It is not ruled out that other new features appear that add to the list of features of iOS 15, but for the moment these are the most interesting that have been seen in the betas. So if you want to be attentive to be able to update your iPhone and iPad to these versions when they are released, we recommend you pay attention to this website where we will inform you when they are finally official.

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