When will iOS 15.2 arrive on your iPhone and with what news?

Yesterday we attended the launch of the fourth betas for developers of various versions such as iOS 15.2, iPadOS 15.2, watchOS 8.3, and tvOS 15.2. We already saw macOS 12.1 on Wednesday, so it has been a full week in this regard. Now, the big question is when the official launch will take place for all the public, something that despite not being confirmed, could be more or less clear.

New official versions in these weeks

Barring major surprise, these new versions should be reaching the public in the first fortnight of December. Discarded this week, it’s time to look at the next one. There is the possibility that Apple will launch the RC (Release Candidate) as the final version for developers and the official one the next day, although it is not the usual thing. What seems to have a higher probability is that said RC will be released next week, but we won’t see it reach the public until the next. Therefore, the week that begins on December 13 would be the definitive one.

Although we must say that this is ultimately based on guesswork. Made based on firm facts, but guesswork. And it is that the company usually launches the last major update of the year in mid-December, leaving Christmas without betas and without releases, unless there is a serious security problem that forces us to rush into an intermediate version.

The news that will come with them

While in watchOS 8.3 and tvOS 15.2 we do not find great news beyond performance improvements and some other bug fixes, we do find more relevant features in iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2. The most prominent are these:

  • The digital legacy will already be active, being able to choose a contact who would inherit access to our content such as photos, notes or reminders in the event of death. Of course, without access to the iCloud password keychain. (We hope you can activate it, but it will take a long, long time until you use it).
  • The description of iCloud Private Relay It has been redone to be much more explicit with what this new functionality does while browsing.
  • Privacy Report of the apps, which will allow you to know which elements they have accessed and how many times (microphone, camera, location, etc.).

  • Changes in Macro mode of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, by introducing a button for its activation in the camera interface itself.
  • Small improvements in Apple Music like the integration of a search engine within the playlists.
  • Reminders It will allow you to rename the labels, as well as delete several or all at once if you wish.
  • The app Search Now add notifications if a user carries an AirTag that is not theirs, thus preventing that accessory from being used for tracking.
  • The notifications summary After leaving a concentration mode, he has changed his appearance, changing his aesthetics for a more minimalist and visual one.
  • Apple tv, the application, now has more separated the content of renting and buying movies with that of the Apple TV + platform (finally).

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