When will the MacBook Air M2 be available for purchase?

The big surprise that Apple gave everyone at the last WWDC was the presentation of the new generation of the MacBook Air, which comes to replace the MacBook Air M1, and was also accompanied by the first version of the second generation of the company’s own chips of Cupertino, the M2. However, the launch date of this new equipment was not announced, so in this post we are going to tell you everything we know about the sale of the new MacBook Air M2.

July, the month chosen by Apple

It is true that at WWDC Apple did not say at what exact time of the year it was going to launch the new MacBook Air M2, but it did say that narrowed down the possibilitiessince it announced that the month of July is chosen to start the marketing of the new entry-level laptop from the Cupertino company.

There are many users who are looking forward to Apple announcing the exact date, but unfortunately There are no rumors of when in July This long-awaited event will take place. Not only does the new design of this laptop attract, but there is also a lot of expectation to know what has been the evolution of the chip that mounts this equipment, that is, the new M2.

Is this new MacBook Air worth it?

There are many novelties that this new laptop from the Cupertino company brings, since to begin with, has broken with a design line that has always accompanied the MacBook Air. The thickness of the device, in this case, is uniform, something that occurs for the first time in this range of computers, since its silhouette always got smaller as the computer advanced along it. In this case, Apple has wanted to unify the design of its laptops, and without a doubt, this MacBook Air has a lot of its older brothers, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

But beware, the design is not the only novelty present in this device, since it also launches a new color palette which, to be completely honest, looks fabulous on him, making him really elegant. It is now available in midnight, silver, star white and space gray. It has a weight of 1.24 grams and 1.13 cm thick, that is, a true work of engineering.

new macbook air colors

However, what will really make this computer worthwhile or not, is the chip M2. Obviously, if the operation of the previous MacBook Air with the M1 was already really excellent, this evolution cannot tend to worsen this user experience, but on the contrary, enhance it and give users an even more powerful tool with a best performance if possible. Therefore, to the question of whether it is worth acquiring this equipment, everything points to yes, since Apple’s tendency with its chips and computers is always to improve what has existed until now, making this MacBook Air can capture an even larger range of users. Although yes, you will have to be aware of the pricebecause it is not very cheap.

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