When will the new interface come to the VLC media player?

There are several factors that have directly influenced to make this player one of the favorites for most. Starting with the reliability it offers us when it is in operation, going through the wide compatibility available or the enormous number of functions that it makes available to us. Actually, it is a open source project that does not stop growing and improving over time. In this way, as we mentioned, it has become a software that we find in most computers.

And we are not only talking about computers, but we can also find this program installed on mobile devices, game consoles, etc. However, despite its enormous functionality, there is something that users have been demanding for a long time. The main reason for this is that internally the program has evolved significantly. But when it comes to its user interface, the thing leaves much to be desired. With this we want to tell you that the external appearance of VLC has hardly changed since its original launch.

The truth is that this is an element that should be renewed, since it cannot be considered according to the times and the accompanying software. It is precisely for all this that many now wonder when will the new interface come to VLC.

VLC will release user interface shortly

Well, we must bear in mind that this is a section that has been talked about for a long time, we refer to the arrival of the new interface to VLC. Keep in mind that most of you currently have version 3 of the program. Since the beginning of this year they have been talking about VLC 4.0 release, something that many have been waiting for years.

The main reason for all this is that the developer firm promised that with this new version of the program many new functions would arrive, in addition to the renewed interface that has been so demanded. As we say, this has been talked about since the beginning of the year, and at the same time it would be launched before the end of 2021. We are just over a month away from that date and the expected launch has yet to take place. This means that those who are waiting for the new media player interface may have to wait a few more weeks.

However, what is certain is that this element related to the appearance for the program, will arrive with version 4.0 that should see the light in its stable version shortly. With everything and with this it is worth knowing that in these moments you already have the possibility of try the previous version of the program. Keep in mind that you may encounter certain bugs and errors in its operation, but if you want to download and install the nightly version of VLC 4.0, you can do so while waiting for the arrival of the final version.

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