When will Tim Cook retire as a director of Apple?

Has shown no signs of weakness or exhaustion

That Tim Cook will turn 61 on November 1 may not be an indication that he is retiring. We have numerous examples, and even more when we speak from high places, that age is often not a reason to stop working. In fact, Cook looks fresh and, apparently, eager to continue leading a company that has led to the highest economic level after the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs a decade ago.

Cook always keeps his private life completely secondary. In fact, little is known about his family or his hobbies beyond what he has been able to comment on in a specific interview or in his official biography. He maintains a very measured line of communication as well as for the company he directs. Therefore, in case he was pondering his departure, he would not make it public either. Or at least for the moment.

Tim Cook during the presentation of the iPhone 13

If we trust what sources like Mark Gurman, an analyst at Bloomberg, say, we can intuit that perhaps he is already pondering it, but not in the short term.Gurman precisely published a newsletter last summer in which he stated that Cook could withdraw in 2025, a term that nevertheless could not be exact according to the arguments that he shared in those lines.

Before leaving he wants to launch a revolutionary product

Except for a turnaround of events, Cook must be given the remaining years at the helm of Apple very badly so as not to leave a promising legacy with large revenue figures or new ranges of products that did not exist when he arrived, such as Apple Watch case. However, in the aforementioned Gurman post, it was said that the CEO still has in mind to be able to leave with a product that will revolutionize the market.

We do not know if at the level of the iPod or the iPhone, but it is known that the company is developing various products that until now it does not have. See the Augmented Reality Glasses that, according to what the patents and sources close to the brand say, would try to mark a distance from other failed projects of the competition. But it is not the only one, since the promising Apple car It has also been in the development stages for years, although there are still many aspects to be finalized.

While the glasses could see the light (or at least their blueprint) in 2022, the car seems that it will not be a reality in the short term. In fact, analysts place it at the end of the decade, although who knows if there may be surprises. Be that as it may, if Cook really intends to continue at least until these releases, We still have “Good morning” for a while*. Or at least that’s our intuition.

* Tim Cook begins all Apple presentations with an animated “Good morning” (good morning) that is already characteristic of him and that he has given for numerous montages on the internet in a humorous tone.

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