Where can I find a defibrillator nearby?

The Staying Alive app shows all the defibrillators reported to it on a map. By geolocating yourself, you can know the location of all the equipment that is nearby. It can save lives.

Each year in France, 50,000 people die of cardiac arrest and the survival rate is only 7%. However, taking care of a victim as early as possible significantly increases his chances of survival, because help will only intervene after a few minutes – 10 minutes on average in Paris. It is too long in most cases.

Also, it is to the automatic defibrillator that it is advisable to turn. This relief material is more and more widespread and that’s good: it is found in most public places and in companies. But you still have to know where to find them. This is where a mobile app like Staying Alive reveals all its interest, because it geolocates the nearby defibrillators on a map. And of course, for free

A defibrillator. // Source: Frédéric Bisson

Find a defibrillator nearby

Around our home for example, in an average suburban town, the mobile app detects 10 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) nearby. A sometimes very relative proximity. If some are only a few tens or hundreds of meters apart, others would require a good fifteen-minute walk – that said, it is not towards them that we would go.

THE’location of AEDs can be positioned directly on a map of Google Maps or be displayed in the form of an ordered list, from the closest to the most distant, thanks to the menu at the top right of the screen. The application gives an estimate of the travel time, the name of the establishment that hosts the AED and, if necessary, can calculate a route from your geographical position.

The general interface.

More than 167,000 defibrillators are listed in Staying Alive and new equipment is regularly added. The users can contribute also, by indicating the position of a new DAE, or by raising a problem (missing, defective, duplicate DAE, etc.). The application also presents the first aid measures as well as the emergency phone number (112) to contact.

Do you master the gestures that save? Become a “good samaritan”

If you know the saving gestures, the application also offers you to become a “good samaritan” – a role that can change the situation: ” When a cardiac arrest is reported by emergency services, our server locates nearby Good Samaritans and sends them an alert asking if they can intervene. », He explained. To be a “Good Samaritan”, you have to prove your qualification.

The objective is therefore to recruit and mobilize volunteer rescuers, trained in first aid procedures so that they can intervene at the scene of a cardiac arrest before professional help stops. You can take Brampton First Aid and CPR Courses to learn how to respond and deal with emergency situations immediately. In this way, the chances of survival of the victim are significantly increased, thanks to a treatment much earlier. Indeed, every minute counts.

The use of an automated external defibrillator does not require special training. Anyone can therefore use it and its use has been made as simple as possible to maximize the chances of success. Obviously, knowing the gestures that save is a plus. The application obviously indicates how to perform cardiac massage and the key rescue steps, but the ideal remains training.

Why Staying Alive as an app name?

In English, Staying Alive simply means staying alive. But it’s also the name of a famous song by the Bee Gees.

This is not trivial: it turns out that this track sets the right tempo for a heart massage. There is also a scientific literature on the subject. This air being very well known, it is an excellent way to settle down at the appropriate pace to do a chest compression. It remains to remember this at the appropriate time, because in the heat of the moment, it is not sure that your mind will be humming.

Article originally published on November 06, 2016 and updated on September 05, 2021

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