Where does your last name come from? Check it out in this Google Maps of surnames

The last name that follows the name our parents gave us represents our legacy and we are sometimes curious about it. The Internet is full of interesting information about this important fact, although now we are going to go a step further.

Surely our grandparents and other relatives have told us many stories and anecdotes related to our last name. This is something that is especially evident if this is somewhat original or unusual. Hence, on occasions many of you have surely searched for information on the Internet about it, its past and history. It could also be interesting to know how many people in our country have the same last name and where they live.

This is something to which we are going to give you a solution in these same lines with an interesting web page that shows us a good amount of information related to this data. To give you an approximate idea of ​​what we are going to tell you, it is a platform that contains and provides us with more than 14 million data related to our surnames. Although its interface is somewhat outdated, it is very functional as well as easy to interpret.

It could be considered as the Google Maps of surnames and we can use this web application quickly and without paying a single euro. To access it we only have to use our favorite web browser and access this page. Its name already makes it clear to us the approach towards which this website that we are commenting on is directed.

Know the distribution of your surname throughout Spain

In the first instance, as soon as we access this web platform that we are talking about, we find a map of the Spanish peninsula. Also, in its upper part we will see a search box where we have the opportunity to type our last name. Instantly on the screen will appear How is the population distributed? with our same last name throughout the country.

In turn, we will find some very interesting information regarding the search we have done. In addition to the graphic distribution of people throughout the country, it offers us the number of citizens with the same last name in our town. In the event that we want to know a little history of this, the platform offers us a brief description at the bottom of the never mentioned. It must be taken into account that this historic information it is not available for all last names.

It is important to know that we also have the possibility of carrying out this same search that we are discussing with the two that we have after the name. It is enough to type them in the corresponding search box to also receive the distribution and data that we are looking for. All this will be of great help to us to know the distribution of our last name, data that will surely surprise us on occasions.

On the other hand, if we click on the Classification tab, we also find the most used surnames in our country or the longest. All these data that we are discussing will be curious to us and we will not have to pay anything for this information.

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