Where to find all 107 Soul Scrolls in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Introduction to Encomienda Nº22

soul is one inhabitant of Villa Jubilee who asks us for help to gather the 107 purple scrolls. She is highly worried, and even tells us that if we don’t complete this mission, something terrible will happen in the Hisui region. Not even his family takes his vision seriously, as they say they are unable to see these luminous scrolls. At the end of the explanation, Alma will give us the Spirit Stone. Inside this key object, we can go storing all the scrolls that we find for each Hisui map.

The mechanics of the proposal is exactly the same as the collecting Zygarde Cells in the Ark of Zygarde during the adventure in pokemon sun Y Pokemon Moon. We will only know the total number of units that we must find, but we will not have clues about location. When you get one, the game will simply tell us the total number of scrolls that remain to be discovered on that map.

Before saying goodbye, Alma advises you to look for the scrolls at night. It is true that these luminous sparks will be in their position on the map throughout the day, and will never move. However, it is somewhat easier to locate them at night, because they are quite bright, and you can see them from a greater distance.

As you collect scrolls, you can go to Alma to see your progress. Every time you make a ten, the villager will reward you with various items.

Tips for Locating Alma Scrolls

brave hisui.  wasabi

Before I tell you where the 107 scrolls in the game are, it’s interesting that you have some tips for locating most of them on your own, and that you only go to this guide for those who are resisting you.

  1. Do not take this mission as a priority: play your game and follow the progress as normal. If you see a scroll, get closer to catch it. If you don’t see them, don’t worry. you will have time to complete this mission later.
  2. Don’t obsess if you can’t reach a particular scroll: some scrolls are visible, but you can waste minutes of your game trying to reach them. Some of the sparks you see you won’t be able to reach them come back and you can climb rocks, sail seas or fly.
  3. Don’t start actively looking for scrolls until you’ve unlocked all Poké Mounts. Even if you know the location of all of them, you won’t be able to access some of them without the help of Sneasler, Basculegion, or Braviary.
  4. Look for the scrolls exclusively at night: Once you have access to the mounts, do quick sweeps for the maps mounted on Wyrdeer. When dawn breaks, fast travel to the base camp and sleep until the next day to resume the search.

What rewards do I get for finding the scrolls?

bounties soul arceus scrolls

These are the rewards that Alma will give you every time you go to her area. It is always in the same place as the first time, under a tree parallel to the Villa Jubileo river:

  • 5 units: Oval Stone
  • 10 units: Rare candy
  • 20 units: Domain Seed
  • 30 units: Night Stone
  • 40 units: Candy Exp. L
  • 50 units: Cord Union
  • 60 units: Effort Stones (x5)
  • 70 units: Terrible canvas
  • 80 units: Domain Seeds (x3)
  • 90 units: Candy Exp. XL (x2)
  • 100 units: Effort Rocks (x3)

Where are the wisps of light?

These are the locations of the scrolls that are hidden in Hisui:

Jubilee Villa

There are a total of 7 scrolls hidden in the streets of Villa Jubileo. They’re here:

volutas villa jubilee location

Obsidian Meadow

There are 20 scrolls hidden in the first area of ​​the game. They are relatively easy to find, but you will need to climb rocks and you will see them more easily by flying.

prairie obsidian scrolls

Crimson Pantanal

In this other area are the next 20 scrolls. Is it so all on land, dog you will have to help various mounts to make your job easier.

crimson swamp scrolls

Cobalt Coast

The 20 scrolls of Cobalt Coast are really well spread over the huge map. You will need to use Basculegion for several of them that are directly at sea. A few will require Sneasler’s climbing abilities.

cobalt coast scrolls

Hillside Crown

Sneasler and his backpack rider they will have to work hard to find thes 20 hidden wisps on the mountainous Ladera Corona map. You will also have to get into several caves to find some of them. It may seem like the worst map, but that position is reserved for Tundra Alba.

crown hillside volutes

tundra dawn

Wrap up warm and have bravery, because scrolling through the snowy terrain of the last map of the game is not easy. Also, the white color of snow does not make a good contrast with the light of the scrolls, so the 20 hidden scrolls in this area are horrible to find. Once you have these 20, go to Alma to complete the mission. And… if by any chance you don’t dare to complete this quest, do not be afraid. If they have done so hard these gentlemen from Game Freak, It will be for something.

wisps tundra dawn

(Spoiler alert) What mystery lies behind the wisps of light?

107 final scrolls pokemon arceus

If you spent many hours playing pokemon diamond Y Pearl, either in its original versions or in the remakes that came out recently, you may have imagined what mystery lay behind the scrolls by the color of these and by the name of the aforementioned NPC that orders the mission.

Once you have all the scrolls collected in your Spirit Stone, you will have to go with Alma to the Crimson Pantanalí, and enter the Mist Ruins. There will appear one more scroll, so, finally, there will be 108 total scrolls.

Alma will ask you to close your eyes and will disappear. A voice will then tell you that the entire operation has been a misdeed —come on, even Game Freak laughs at you for the horrible mission they have sent you. Automatically, the order will be considered finished and you will be given three pickle as a reward.

Unfortunately, your character will be petrified, but they won’t show their mouth open like the characters in the game constantly do. Once this is done, a Spiritomb will appear behind you and they will begin to spawn Pokémon of this species in this area. The one you’ve messed up, chick.

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