Where to see Everything at once everywhere this weekend: Netflix, HBO, Movistar?

It has been the great winner of the Oscars 2023 And now that the weekend is here -something longer for some depending on the autonomous community-, you are probably wondering where to see it. We are referring, of course, to Everything at once everywhere, the tape that has swept this edition of the awards and that, of course, you have the opportunity to watch via streaming. We give you all the details so you don’t go crazy.

The sweeping success of the Daniels

When we say that the great winner of the Oscars 2023 is Everything at once everywhere We are not exaggerating one bit. And it is that the film by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (known as the Daniels) has won awards for best film, direction, leading actress, supporting actor and supporting actress, among other awards, something that is not usual in a same tape -generally, the statuettes tend to be more distributed. In total 7 have been the Oscars that this particular story has received from the 11 nominations it received.

In case you don’t know very well what the plot, The film introduces us to Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), a Chinese immigrant in the United States who is not exactly going through her best moment: her marriage is failing, she maintains a tense relationship with her teenage daughter and she is also going through major financial problems while trying to stay afloat. his business in the laundry. Everything, however, takes a radical turn when she suddenly finds herself caught up in a multiverse journey that turns her, overnight, into a superheroine with the important task of saving the world.

In case you haven’t seen it yet trailer, we leave it to you below.

trailer of Everything at once everywhere in VOSE

trailer of Everything at once everywhere dubbed into Spanish

Where to see the movie Everything at once everywhere

Undoubtedly, the approach of the tape is quite particular (as well as original), sometimes even a little reminiscent of Marvel tapes. In fact, its crazy trailer has been able to cause many to not feel like seeing it at first, to such an extent that, at the time of receiving the Oscar, a week ago, a large part of the public Spaniard hadn’t given her a chance at the movies or even heard of her.

Now, however, that it is on everyone’s lips, your perception may have changed (and your curiosity has increased), so you may be wondering if it is possible to watch it via streaming. And the answer is Yeah. The Movistar Plus platform is the service that the film currently offers to watch it from the comfort of your home sofa -although you need the Movistar Fusión plan, since it is not accessible with Plus+ Lite.

Jamie Lee Curtis scene in All at Once Everywhere (2022)

you can also rent and buy on various platforms such as Amazon Prime Video (from 2.99 euros), Apple TV (from 3.99 euros), Filmin (for 3.95 euros) and Google Play (from 2.99 euros).

So now you know: if you were thinking of discovering once and for all what it is about this film that has made it so popular, know that you have a good list of solutions to enjoy it. You choose.

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