Where to see the films nominated for the Golden Globes 2022

A story of coming of age in 1960s Belfast that, for now, It will only be seen in theaters from January 7 of 2022 in Spain.

CODA (Apple TV +)

The story of a deaf family and its only hearing member. Awarded at Sundance, it also sneaks into the Golden Globes and you can see it on Apple TV +.

Dune (rental on Prime Video)

Denis Villeneuve scored what not many of us expected. The trailer It was generic, but the movie is very good.

Just nominated and what you can rent or buy on Prime Video. Touch go to checkout to see it in streaming, but it’s worth it.

The Williams Method (only in theaters and pending release)

Its original name is King williams, but in Spain we have a rare fetish with titles and does not arrive until January 21, 2022, so, it will only be in theaters at the moment.

A biopic about the father of tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, starring Will Smith.

The Power of the Dog (Netflix)

Director Jane Campion steps behind the camera to direct Benedict Cumberbatch (Holmes, Doctor Strange) in a western that narrates the war between two brothers.

Recommended if you have a good palate, you can see it now on Netflix.

Best Nominated Comedy or Musical Movies

Let’s now see where you can see the best comedy or musical films nominated for the Golden Globes of 2022. Again, you can catch a couple thanks to Netflix.

Cyrano (Only in theaters and pending release)

Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones) plays Cyrano de Bergerac in another free adaptation of the satirical poet’s life contemporary of Moliere.

Edmond Rostand turned it into a play and later it was adapted several times to the cinema. The best known version, with Gerard Depardieu as Cyrano.

The deformed nose is exchanged for short stature for a film that hits Spanish cinemas January 14, 2022.

Don’t look up / Don’t look up (Netflix)

This film, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Timothée Chalamet lands on Netflix on Christmas Eve.

Two scientists try to warn the world of a meteorite that will irretrievably destroy the Earth. Very topical, because it represents the increasingly difficult struggle of knowledge against an idiotized world.

Licorice Pizza (Only in theaters and pending release)

Wes Anderson reverts to being Wes Anderson and has practically become a genre of its own.

It will not reach Spanish cinemas until February 4, 2022So let’s wait for now.

Tick, tick… BOOM! (Netflix)

The musical you have to see if you don’t like musicals.

Andrew Garfield stars in and sings this movie that you already have on Netflix. Garfield, incidentally, takes a nomination for best actor and wastes talent on all four sides.

And everything, so that they only ask him for Spider-Man No way home.

West Side Story (In theaters only)

Other remake of the classic confrontation of two street gangs in New York that, in turn, was a remake of Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare.

The release date in Spanish cinemas is December 22 so, for now, on the big screen.

As you can see, many of the films nominated for the Golden Globes have yet to reach Spain. But, to shorten the wait, take a look at the ones you already have available in streaming. They are worth it.

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