Where to see the winning films of the Oscars 2022

How times have changed. A few years ago, the only way to enjoy the films that were nominated, first, and awarded, later, was going to the movies and leaving us good money with each. That is if we were lucky enough to have distribution in our country and it was not the success at the Oscars ceremony that marked that possibility. Now, after the pandemic, the digital transition has accelerated so quickly that the seats in the rooms have been replaced by our lounge chairs.

Where can we see the Oscar winners?

It has to be said that winners there have been many but, if you think so, we are going to stop at the main categories. The ones that take all the spotlight from the ceremony that took place last morning from March 27 to 28, 2022 and that left us with a surprising winner, a film that some specialized Hollywood media were betting on but that most took for granted. discounted in favor of dog power, by Jane Campion. Is about CODAan adaptation of a French original film that Apple TV+ has had the wisdom to buy (it is the first statuette for Best Film for a streaming platform) through independent festivals, for an amount of 25 million dollars.

But hey, if you want to see all these winners, here we leave you the complete list.


Oscars for best film and best supporting actor.

The story of a deaf family whose daughter can hear and speak but communicates through sign language has captivated the members of the Academy and those of Tim Cook, who bought her to include her in their streaming service.

Is property of Apple TV+ but not yet available on it (We don’t even know if it will be for a matter of rights). At the moment you can only see it in theaters -and soon on Movistar+.

dog power

Oscar for the best direction.

Jane Campion signature a western at the dawn of the end of westerns in which topics as current as toxic masculinity and social power to isolate those who are different are addressed. It was the favorite movie of many but, unfortunately, it has gone practically empty handed.

Available through Netflix.

Tammy Faye’s eyes

Oscars for Best Actress, Makeup and Hairstyling

Jessica Chastain takes us back to the 70s and 80s where her character, Tammy Faye, manages to create in the US (along with her husband) one of the largest religious emporiums ever seen. Her physical transformation has served her to win the three prizes she boasts about.

Available through Disney+.

The Williams Method

Oscar for best actor

The history of father of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams has achieved that Will Smith takes the statuette as best actor for the first time. Despite the scandal that he caused at the gala and that you have surely heard about.

Available through hbo max.

West Side Story

Oscar for Best Supporting Actress

the sensational 1961 classic musical review that Steven Spielberg has made has only allowed her to win one statuette, that of best supporting actress for Ariana DeBose, although luckily you already have it ready to watch in streaming.

Available through Disney+.


Oscars for best cinematography, editing, soundtrack, production design, sound and visual effects.

One of the best movies of the year takes the reward of the technical prizes, although Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack is one of those that make time. Arrakis, the spice and a planetary conspiracy that will continue in 2023. You can now see it in streaming.

Available through hbo max.


Oscar for best animated film

One of Disney’s last great successes had its reward. The history of the Madrigal family has dazzled almost the entire planet, including the Hollywood Academy and its There is no mention of Bruno. You can see it since last December in streaming.

Available through Disney+.

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