Where to start reading Doctor Strange comics

But nevertheless, you should not start there, we don’t even think you can find that number.

The best starting point for reading Doctor Strange right now it’s the graphic novel Doctor Strange: The Oath.

It is a good self-concluding and modern story (we are talking about 2016) that, in addition, gives a complete perspective to get an idea of ​​the character, his history, powers, etc.

Luckily, it is not difficult to find, there are 136 pages and you even have it in digital format.

Where to continue reading Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange taunting Iron-Man

Once read The oathIf you want to continue, the truth is that old comics are just that, old.

Therefore, it is better to continue with the number 1 from the time of Jason Aaron in the script and Chris Bachalo with a drawing Excellent.

Under the name of Hidden path, and published for the first time in 2015, the Spanish edition that you can find is from 2020. There we see an updated character and a very interesting story. You will not see the most powerful Strange, but it is well worth it.

You can read the following numbers in succession and, if you have taken a liking to the most powerful magician, we are going to recommend that you then travel back in time to the 70s.

Luckily, you won’t need a time machine, because in Spanish the best comics of that time have been reissued in volume Defenders: Origin.

In it, we can see the Doctor Strange as a group fighter with The defenders.

Despite being a comic from the 70s, it has aged well, collects the classic art of the time and also some of its best stories.

Along with the Hulk, Namor and Silver Stela, the group of The Defenders faces numerous threats, including the storyline of his war against The Avengers.

The Defenders

If you want to know who wins, I’m not going to gut it, you’ll have to read it.

With some more than 500 pages, you will be able to enjoy Doctor Strange in a broader context.

As you can see, with that you already have to start reading Doctor Strange for months and not miss anything of the most important. Go practicing magic … and do not think about casting any spell that alters reality too much, we have had enough lately.

This article contains affiliate links. The Output could receive a small commission if you buy any of the comics that we have discussed. However, at no point has that influenced the list. If you want to start reading Doctor Strange in Spanish in the best way, this is the way.

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