Whether you prefer Intel or AMD, you now have a low-power mini PC on offer

In today’s offers you will find two low-consumption mini PCs -one Intel and one AMD- but which are relatively powerful for a mini PC; Consequently, they will give you a more than remarkable performance for all kinds of tasks that you need to perform, although it is true that you must bear in mind that since they do not have dedicated graphics, they are not designed to play (which does not mean that they are capable of running some games quite decently). With that said, let’s go.

Intel Core i5-8279U MinisForum Mini PC

This low-consumption mini PC is powered by an Intel Core i5-8279U processor, which with 4 physical cores and 8 processing threads thanks to HyperThreading technology that works at 2.4 GHz base and 4.1 GHz in Turbo mode, they will provide excellent performance in all types of applications and that with a TDP of only 28 watts. This processor supports up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and incorporates integrated Intel Iris Plus 655 graphics supporting 4K video output at 60 FPS.

Complementing this processor, the mini PC comes with 16 GB of DDR4 2133 MHz RAM and a 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD for the best performance, so as you can see, this mini PC is not exactly unpowered. In addition, it supports the installation of up to two additional SSDs as it has two 2.5 ″ slots with SATA 3 interface.

We must also highlight the connectivity of the device: in addition to HDMI and DisplayPort output, we have a total of 4 USB 3.1 ports, two USB-C ports (one front and one rear, but the rear is also the power one), a Gigabit Ethernet connector and another 2.5G for the best network speed. In addition, of course it incorporates WiFi 6 and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. It should be noted that the computer comes ready to work with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed.

MinisForum AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 2500U Mini PC


As for the mini PC with an AMD processor, it equips an AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 2500U CPU that also carries 4 cores and 8 processing threads with SMT technology that operate at 2 GHz base and reach a maximum of 3.6 GHz. This processor has a TDP of 25 watts and features Radeon Vega integrated graphics with 8 dedicated cores, supporting 4K output at 60 FPS.

Along with this processor we find 16 GB of DDR4 RAM at 2133 MHz expandable up to 32 GB (it has two SO-DIMMs of 8 GB each) and a 256 GB NVMe SSD; in this case, it is also expandable with a 2.5 ″ SATA 3 SSD. This PC also has Windows 10 Pro pre-installed at the factory, so it’s ready to go.

In terms of connectivity, this mini PC from AMD is not far behind the one from Intel because in fact they are almost the same: it has HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs, four USB 3.1 ports plus a USB-C (in this case the connector of power is standard and does not use a USB-C for it) and two Gigabit Ethernet ports (it does not have 2.5G). It also has Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1, just like the previous one.

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