Which Apple Watch is better? Series 4 vs SE

  • Sensors They are one of the greatest attractions of the Apple Watch, in fact, this device has been able to save the lives of many users. In this sense there is a slight difference between these two devices.
  • Processor it also changes slightly from version to version, although this has never really been a problem.
  • The memory Internal device is important, especially for the vast majority of users who do not have the LTE version and have to store music and other types of files in order to access them without having the iPhone nearby.

Main differences

We have already briefly mentioned what are the main differences that you can find between these two Apple Watch models, but obviously, now it is time to delve into them so that you can understand what they really consist of and, above all, how they affect the user experience.


The Apple Watch is a device that is capable of meeting very different demands from users, however, one of the most outstanding points is the sensors it has and, above all, what it is capable of doing with them. In this sense, the Apple Watch Series 4, despite being an older model than the SE, has a small advantage that lies in a functionality that the SE is not capable of offering.


Both models have the 2nd generation optical heart rate sensor, so they are fully capable of measuring your pulse with sufficient guarantees at all times. This will allow both the Series 4 and the SE to send you notifications in case they detect both too high and too low a heart rate, as well as irregular rhythm alerts. But in addition, in the Apple Watch Series 4 it is also present in electrical heart rate sensor, which results in this device being able to carry out the famous electrocardiograms, how useful they can be for people with heart problems.

On the other hand, and since we are talking about functions focused on preserving people’s health, it should be mentioned that both Apple Watch have the possibility of detect falls. This is another of the functions that has been able to save the lives of several users, so that when you suffer a fall and wear your Apple Watch on your wrist, it, in extreme cases, will be able to call both your users. contacts and emergency services.

More memory for the SE

Another difference that you find between these two Apple Watch models is the internal memory of both. You have to keep in mind that this is not expandable later, that is, what your Apple Watch has is what you will have to live with at all times. In the case of Series 4 they are 16 GB what you will have available, while in SE it amounts to 32 GB, that is to say twice.

Perhaps, many users wonder how this affects the daily use of the device, well, this is especially important for all those who use the Apple Watch for sports And, first, they don’t have an LTE model, and second, they don’t want to take their iPhone to their workouts but they do want to be able to have the music they want to listen to on their Apple Watch. By having more storage, there will be many more songs that you can always have on your watch.


Something in which some users are always very interested is to know the chip of the devices and, above all, what they are capable of carrying out, since at the end of the day they are the ones that will largely mark the good or bad that the device will work. In this sense there is a difference in the name of the chip, since the Series 4 has the S4 chip, with 64-bit dual-core processor and the W3 wireless chip, while the Apple Watch SE mounts the S5 chip with 64-bit dual-core processor and W3 wireless chip.

Apple Watch SE

The reality is that, although they bear different names, both work perfectly and they are capable of giving all users that fluidity and speed necessary to be able to enjoy a very satisfactory user experience with both Apple Watch models. So, although there is a slight difference, it is not a point that you have to worry about and that will not make you choose one model or another.

Common features

As we anticipated at the beginning of the post, these two Apple Watch models are really similar, and since we have told you about the points where you can find more differences, we also have to tell you everything they have in common, which is a lot , and also very good.


The design of both devices is exactly the sameIn fact, the box has the same dimensions, even in the aluminum version, both are available in the same colors, so it will be practically impossible to differentiate one from the other with the naked eye. Where there are differences is in the available versions of both devices, since the SE is only in the aluminum version, while the Series 4 has versions of stainless steel and aluminum.

Apple Watch S4

As we said before, the Apple Watch is a device that is capable of fulfilling many functions, and obviously one of them is to be a fashion item given how aesthetically careful it is, like all Apple devices. It is a watch that can be used for practically any situation and that, given the wide variety of straps to which it has access, has become a fantastic fashion element to combine with the rest of the day-to-day garments. Also, in that sense, you have to know that the same straps are compatible for both the Series 4 and the SE.


One of the most important elements of the Apple Watch is its screen, and again, it is one of the points where there is no difference between the two devices. Both have the same screen sizes, that is, 40 and 44 mm, in addition to being the same type, that is, a OLED LTPO retina display with a maximum brightness of 1000 nits.

Apple Watch Series 4

For practical purposes, this screen makes it possible to see with full clarity and without any problem all the content that is presented in each of the spheres that you can configure as well as in all the applications that you can use on a day-to-day basis, regardless of the light conditions in which you find yourself. Also by having the two models with the same screen size, it makes all the spheres that are available for one, are also available for the other.

Are they just as strong?

Being two devices that are made with the same materials And even, as we have commented previously, it has a traced design, the resistance to shocks and scratches is exactly the same in both Apple Watch models. These are two devices that are relatively resistant to daily useHowever, if your Apple Watch is going to be very exposed to shocks, it is best to use it together with a good screen and case protector.

Apple Watch SE

Regarding protection against water, both have a resistance that will allow you submerge Apple Watch up to 50 metersThat way you can do shallow water activities. In this sense, the Cupertino company does not recommend using the Apple Watch in activities such as diving, water skiing or other activities that involve high speed water or a deep dive.

Battery and charging time

Something in which the Apple Watch does not stand out for the better is in the autonomy. It is true that what it offers is more than enough to get to the end of the day, both in the Apple Watch Series 4 and in the SE. However, many users demand greater autonomy to be able to spend several days without having to go through the charger.

This lack of autonomy can be made up for by the time it takes to charge both Apple Watch models, where in this case, the SE turns out to be somewhat worse than the Series 4. Although the reality is that neither of them has a charge fast that allows you to have 100% autonomy in a few minutes. Here are the loading times for both models.

  • From 0% to 80%:
    • Apple Watch Series 4: 1 hour and a half.
    • Apple Watch SE: 1 hour and a half.
  • From 0% to 100%:
    • Apple Watch Series 4: 2 hours.
    • Apple Watch SE: 2 and a half hours.

Price and availability

We come to the last point of the comparison, which is the price and availability of both Apple Watch models. Regarding availability, you have to know that Apple Watch Series 4 is not sold by Apple, but you may be able to find it in a third-party store. On the other hand, the Apple Watch SE is present in the Apple Store, so you can buy it whenever you want.

Apple Watch x Keynote

The price of Apple Watch SE starts from 299 euros in the 40 mm model and the 44 mm model at 329 euros, in addition, both are also available in the Nike version at the same price. Without a doubt, the quality / price ratio Apple Watch SE is one of the best options that all users can find to purchase an Apple watch.

Our conclusion

For all users who are thinking of acquiring one device or another, our recommendation is that they choose the Apple Watch SE since Apple no longer sells the Series 4 officially, and although you can find it in a third-party store, it can hardly be at a lower price than the SE. Therefore, despite the small advantages that the Series 4 presents, in this case it is better to buy the Apple Watch SE.

Apple watch

On the other hand, it is possible that many users of the Apple Watch Series 4 doubt whether or not to change it for the SE. The truth is that the change is not worth it, since as you have been able to verify these are two practically traced devices, and on top of that, in this case, you will lose the possibility of being able to carry out electrocardiograms. In this case, it would be much more appropriate to jump to a higher model to be able to enjoy the novelties present in these.

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