which are the best for sports?

Listening to music while doing sports is a habit that more and more people are doing, and music is an incentive to finish the series that you have to do, either in the gym or at home. The ideal way to listen to music without disturbing others is to use wireless headphones, which are becoming more and more available. The most prominent are the AirPods and the Betas, so in this post we will tell you which are the best.

If you are a sports fan, it is most likely that during training you listen to some kind of music to motivate yourself. Surely, if you train in a gym, you will not be able to use a speaker, so you will have no choice but to use wireless headphones. Among the best sellers of the moment are the AirPods and the Beats, which are at the same time the best known. And it is that the two brands have been able to create very good products for athletes, but there is a model that stands out above the rest. This model that is somewhat superior to the others is the AirPods Pro.

For these reasons, AirPods Pro are better

AirPods Pro are the most professional headphones Apple offers. And it is that in the box of these headphones three pads of different sizes are included, so that you can choose the one that best fits your ears when playing sports. On the inside, the cushions are tapered and on the outside they adapt to the anatomy of your ear to keep the AirPods Pro in place.

The charging case, which has considerably more compact dimensions compared to that of the Beats-designed Powerbeats Pro, making it more convenient to carry and store anywhere, such as your pants pocket while you work out. Another advantage that AirPods Pro have over Powebeats Pro is that with a simple touch on the stem you can stop or continue playing the music. With a double touch you will go to the next song so you will not have to touch your mobile to listen to the music you want.

Airpods Pro offer IPX4 sweat and water resistance so you can use them for sports without problems by withstanding sweat, as well as rain or splashes of water. They also have noise cancellation, but it is not always desirable for runners, because being able to hear their surroundings is often useful. But if you train in the gym with more people you may want to withdraw, and the AirPods Pro headphones are among the best in this regard, offering noise cancellation and a fit secure enough for running or training.

Another very important aspect to consider is battery life, and the AirPods Pro last 4.5 hours on a single charge, and five minutes in the case yields an hour of playback. This is ideal, because in case they run out of battery during a workout, with 5 minutes of charging you can enjoy the music again and finish the workout without problems.

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