Which characters are stronger than Thor in the Marvel universe?

To debate which characters are stronger than Thor, we need to know a few things about the Marvel Universe of comics and the history of the Asgardian God.

The Official Marvel Strength Scale

To try to settle that eternal debate of who is stronger than who, Marvel has an official strength scale. Really. And as is often the case with comics, it doesn’t make any sense and, at this point, it’s silly to take it into account.

This scale measures the ability to lift weight in mode military press. That is, heroes are ranked by how much weight they can lift with their arms extended above their heads.

Obviously, Thor and a huge handful of superheroes and villains, by now, are at the absolute level that implies that his strength is virtually limitless.

In fact, the writers constantly jump the scale. Why? Because the answer to who is stronger, Thor or the Hulk, Stan Lee himself gave it and it’s the same answer as for the question of who is stronger when it comes to any two other Marvel beings:

«It depends on who is writing the story and who the writer wants to win.». Lee’s word. Here you have the moment.

In addition to that, two other notes on Marvel, in case you don’t follow the comics much, and we begin.

The Multiverse and Thor’s Unstoppable Rise in Strength

Marvel already raised the concept of the Multiverse a long time ago in order to be able to bypass the restrictions of its stories even more. Thus, they could kill characters freely and then say that they were from another universe, or suggest that someone defeats someone else, but it was not the usual version, but that of another Earth.

Similarly, Marvel has the same problem as Dragon Ballyou have to take out stronger enemies, or what is the point of history?

What happens is that, when you already destroy planets or twist the fabric of reality at will, it is impossible to make a coherent story.

The thing with Thor is that has experienced such an increase in level and powers, that it has left all the tables.

In fact, there are versions of Thor that would basically place him on the podium of the most powerful beings in Marvel.

Despite that, let’s see which characters are still stronger than Thor and the explanation.

The One Above It All (and Below)

The one above all

The entity The One Above Everything (The One Above All) It is basically the supreme ruler of the Multiverse, the embodiment of good and love, almighty god with no one above (his name already says it), not even Thor.

So there is no discussion with him and, probably, neither with the dark side of this being that is The One Beneath It All. The embodiment of vengeance and destruction, he would also be stronger than Thor, because he is stronger than everyone.

special mention to a certain character named Protectswhich appeared in some comics and was hinted at potentially as powerful as this entity, but it is impossible to know where the shots are going with Marvel and its writers.

The Living Court

The Living Tribunal

The guardian of the Multiverse and in charge of maintaining the balance in it is the second most powerful being in the Marvel Universe (third if you count the one It is below everything).

That’s why basically he’s also above Thor in terms of strength, power or whatever you want. We are talking about the Marvel mythology seems to be born from a series of endless LSD trips and these beings are practically unfathomable.

The Beyonder (honorable mention, but not anymore)

The Beyonder

Taking into account that Beyonder was considered the most powerful being in the Multiverseand which ate some cosmic forces with potatoes in its day, should go here in the ranking.

Nevertheless, Beyonder It is no longer what it was and its power has been greatly reduced. But let it not be said.

The Infinites

The Infinites

Other beings of incalculable power and strength. So much so that they considered themselves more powerful than Eternity, who, in turn, was considered the most powerful incarnation in the universe.

Do you see how we have the problem of Dragon Ball?

Obviously, being so, The Infinites they are stronger characters than Thor.

Infinity (which is not what it used to be), Oblivion, Death and Eternity


These four cosmic representations of concepts are Marvel beings who also they go beyond all the scales of force that we can putso they would be more powerful than Thor.

We talked about Oblivion being born before the Multiverse and, in fact, it represents non-existence and is another facet of death, things like that.

There are those who say that Death is above, but we return to the impossible debate.

cosmic level forces

The Phoenix Force

Marvel poses in its Multiverse the existence of abstract forces of cosmic level and almost almighty. The best known is the Phoenix Force and its relationship with Jean Grey, the most powerful mutant.

Those forces usually have a host and, depending on who they possess or do not possess, the power of these people or beings is greater or less. Theoretically, a strong enough host could defeat Thor with the power of one of these forces.

The Old King Thor Phoenix incarnation

Old King Thor Phoenix

The point of all this is: there is a version of Thor that has the Phoenix Force.

And not just her, but also that of his father Odin.

Is about Old King Thor Phoenixwho is supposed to be the Thor of Earth-14412.

But, in reality, if Thor-616 (the “official”) dies, so does Old King Thor Phoenix, so that the most powerful incarnation is “our” future Thor and therefore would have this level of maximum strength and potential.

It is not known everything that Thor can do in this version, but, once again, it would be what the writers wanted, but we would be talking about inconceivable powers. So, if you had to get wet, the flag would have to be planted here and Thor would have all other beings below.

Until someone comes with Space Punisher Hulk to write that he beats this Thor, of course.

Other stronger characters we usually meet

If we leave out the most powerful incarnation of Thor, then yes, there are countless beings more powerful than our favorite Asgardian. Between them, noteworthy capthe slayer of gods.

In fact, It took three Thor to defeat of them, old King Thor (although without the Phoenix Force).

Traditionally, his father, with the force Odin, would be another character usually strongerfor example, although, by now, even Odin has recognized his son as the ruler of Asgard and has knelt down.

Y Galactus? Where is Galactus? That he is another character stronger than Thor and with whom he has always been measured.

Dead. This is Galactus, by Thor himself. Here I leave you the moment.

Galactus' death

Sure, he did it because Galactus lent his strength to the god and he turned it against him, but either way, Galactus is stronger and deader, too.

Definitely. Which characters are stronger than Thor? Many or hardly any. It all depends, Stan Lee already said, on the writer who writes it, on the incarnation of Thor, on the Multiverse we’re in or whatever. In short, like all important questions, this one does not seem to have a clear answer, but let it not be said that we have not gotten wet.

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