Which is better Arduino or Raspberry Pi? Differences between mini PCs

The Raspberry Pi and the Arduino They are two very popular boards among people who do electronics projects, as well as in the professional field. When people usually start in the world, a very common hard is to ask themselves which of the two is better. And the truth is that the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino They are two very different boards.. For that reason, you should use one or the other depending on the project you have in mind. If you are still not clear about your differences, don’t worry. In this post we are going to clarify all your doubts.

Raspberry and Arduino. What is the difference between them?

We usually put the Raspberry and the Arduino in the same bag, but the truth is that most of the time, they don’t serve the same purpose. Each board has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Arduino is geared towards rapid programming and circuit prototyping. And, on the other hand, the Raspberry Pi was born as a small low-cost computer whose objective was to democratize computer programming, to the point of offering computing for the little ones.

What should I use an Arduino for?

Arduino was developed by Massimo Banzi and is a simple programming tool. electronic prototyping with open source hardware and software. An Arduino is nothing more than a microcontroller development board with which you can control devices. With an Arduino you can regulate the flow of water in a pipe, make some LEDs light up or make the spoiler of a Formula 1 car open.

There are many models of Arduino, but the most popular board is the Arduino UNO. It is based on Atmel’s ATmega328P microcontroller. Boards are programmed in C and C++ using Arduino IDE, which is the kit that allows you to edit, program and compile programs for it. Generally speaking, Arduino is a more technical product than the Raspberry Pi. If you don’t know how to program, Arduino loses its charm, because you won’t have the freedom to create, but rather to adapt the ideas of others. Its popularity is due to open source, which is why engineers around the world have adopted this technology.

And what is the Raspberry Pi for?

raspberry pi server

Developed in Cambridge, the Raspberry Pi was born as a computer with mobile phone hardware whose mission was to form to people in developing countries in computer science. Putting computers in the classrooms of these countries was too expensive, but the Raspberry Pi changed things, since it is a complete computer that fits in the palm of one hand and allows you to connect all kinds of peripherals.

Thanks to the Raspberry Pi, children and young people from all over the world have learned to handle operating systems and also to program. The Pi Foundation did not want to limit its product to a specific territory, which is why many people rushed to buy one of these plates to do experiments.

Despite its original intent, the original Raspberry Pi became extremely popular with people who like tinkering. Many enthusiasts used it to create robots, build weather stations, and even hook up surveillance cameras. Shortly after, with more advanced models, the rise of the Raspberry Pi was unstoppable. Nowadays, it is used for anything, such as creating a NAS, a Media Center for televisions or even making portable consoles. The Raspberry Pi has a wider audience. It is not necessary to know how to program to be able to use one, and its ecosystem is so varied that you will be able to manufacture almost any device you can imagine for a ridiculous price.

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