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This year 2022 an unusual event has occurred within Hollywood, and that is that every few years there is the case in which Two big companies have the same idea of ​​bringing the same story to theaters (or to streaming platforms, as in this case). The most notorious example occurred in 1998, when Pixar and Dreamworks both decided to release an animated film starring ants (and numerous other types of insects), giving us two animated jewels such as Bugs Y Antz. Well, this year it was the turn of one of the most beloved fairy tales in the world, Pinocchio.

In 2022, two major film companies have decided to produce and release new versions of this literary classic, with two very different adaptations, although both on the shoulders of two great filmmakers. Without further delay, we are going to start giving you the details that are known today about these new films.

Pinocchio by Robert Zemeckis

The director known for films such as the trilogy of Return to the future either Who cheated on roger rabbit? will be in charge of carrying out live-action adaptation of the 1940 classic from Walt Disney Animation Studios. That is, the official version of the cartoon classic.

This new version will have a luxury casting that will include some of his recurring actors like Tom Hankswho will give life to Gepetto, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who will give the voice to Jiminy Cricket and Keegan-Michael Key, who will play Honest John, as well as the inclusion of Cynthia Erivo who will play the mythical character of the Blue Fairy.

This new adaptationwill arrive on the Disney + platform on September 8 as part of the Disney Plus Day celebration.

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro

After years of struggling, finally, the talented Mexican director known for films like The Pan’s Labyrinth either The Shape of Water, will be able to carry out the version of this tale that for so many years he has wanted to do, thanks to the contribution of Netflix.

This film, which will be made with the animation technique stop motion will have another luxury cast with big names of the moment, among which we find Ewan McGregor as Jiminy Cricket, Finn Wolfhard (Mike de stranger things) as the wooden boy, Cate Blanchett, who will play the Blue Fairy and Tilda Swinton in an unknown role. Without a doubt, a more than impressive casting.

They will also have small roles Christoph Waltz, Ron Perlman (the director’s favorite actor could not be missing) and John Tuturro. Also, coming from Guillermo del Toro, and how could it be otherwise, it has been confirmed that it will be a much darker version than we are used to, thus fitting in with the rest of the filmmaker’s films.

Unlike Disney’s, this will be shown in some theaters in November, while Robert Zemeckis’s will hit the Netflix platform throughout December.

And you? Which of these two versions of Pinocchio seduces you more?

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