Which operators in Spain offer eSIM for iPhone?

eSIMs, or virtual SIM cards, are becoming increasingly popular. And in Spain, there are already more telephone operators that offer this service. So if you are interested in knowing which carriers offer virtual SIM for the iPhone, in this post we tell you. In addition, we also explain which iPhone models are compatible with eSIM.

If you live in Spain you have an eSIM from these companies

The virtual SIM is reaching more operators. And in the case of Spain, although the list is not extensive, it is possible to get it in more places. Until not long ago, only Vodafone offered the possibility of contracting eSIM. In fact, Apple’s own website is outdated regarding the phone companies that offer eSIM (at least, at the time of writing this post).

Virtual SIM cards offer numerous advantages over traditional SIMs. They install much faster, since we will only have to scan a QR code with our iPhone. In addition, you can receive them in a much faster way, since there is no physical support that needs to be sent to your home, so the time between hiring it, receiving it and using it is much less. As a bonus, we do not require the use of adapters. As there is no physical format with different sizes, this is left behind.

If you live in Spain, you can currently purchase an eSIM from the following mobile phone operators. And each operator, keep it in mind, offers its own conditions so that we can use this service. Also, if you are interested in contracting the eSIM in one of these operators, we leave you the contact numbers, so you can call them and ask them for more information about the plans and conditions:

  • Movistar: call 1004 (individuals), 1489 (SMEs) or via WhatsApp (individuals) at 638 101 004
  • Vodafone: call 22123 (if you are a private customer), 1444 (customers and non-customers), 1443 (for freelancers), 1500 (for companies).
  • Orange: call 1470 (individuals), 1471 (companies) or by WhatsApp at 653 85 00 85
  • O2: call 1551
  • Pepephone: call 1706
  • jazztel: call 1565
  • Yoigo: If you are a Yoigo customer, call 622. If you call from another operator, call 622 622 622.

There are still some important operators such as MasMóvil or DIGI or other MVNOs such as Simyo or Lowi. So if you want to have an eSIM card in your iPhone, you must do it through one of the plans in the operators that we have mentioned just before.

Install your eSIM on the iPhone

If you already have your virtual SIM card, the next step is to install it on your iPhone. For this, you have to go to Settings> Mobile data. In that section we will see an option called Add eSIM. We have to click on that button to start installing the card. We can use a QR code, if we install a new eSIM, or we can transfer the data from another iPhone that has an eSIM already installed.

install esim iphone

From here, we will only have to follow the steps indicated, and in a few minutes the eSIM will be ready to be used. Remember that iPhones compatible with virtual SIM are from iPhone XR / XS, onwards. These models, and all those that have come after, support dual SIM, with physical SIM and eSIM.

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