Which PlayStation Plus plan is right for you?

We had spent months with increasingly important rumors about the possibility that Sony would react to what the market already considers a success on the part of Microsoft, such as its Xbox Game Pass that in its Ultimate version also allows us to enjoy some games on PC. So now that we have on the table all the variants that we can choose from the new PlayStation Plus, do you know which one is the best for you of all available?

What is your best plan?

First of all, it must be said that if you are already a PlayStation user and have a Plus subscription on PS5 that gives you access to the PS4 hits collection, I’m sure you don’t need anything else because this Game Pass for Sony consoles hardly changes anything, except that it is possible to group together old services that the Japanese already had and add a catalog of titles that are still unknown. In other words, what has been announced in recent days is practically to leave things as they were, only to change their name.

  • If you only care about the multiplayer, being able to enter the games of a Call of Duty and have some other game that is given away month after month, then with PlayStation Plus Essential you will have more than enough since with it you will be able to continue doing the same for a price of only 8.99 euros per month, 0 59.99 per year. Although from time to time (Black Fraday for example) it is sure that we have more aggressive offers.
  • If, on the other hand, you are not one to buy many novelties, the latest, and you do not mind spending time with games that are two or more years old, then PlayStation Plus Extra is your plan. Basically because it has everything that Essential offers plus a catalog of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games that It will be renewed over the months. Here we will have important names from the past generation plus those that appear from the new one, including those from PlayStation Studios, which are the famous Japanese exclusives. It will be that option that surely attracts you the most of all because names like Death Stranding, returnal, God of War, etc. Its price will be 13.99 euros per month or 99.99 per year.

If you want to have everything, everything…

And finally we come to PlayStation Plus Premium. For whom it is addressed? Well then for true Sony fans who want to have on their PS5 (or PS4 if you haven’t been able to get the new one yet) the most important of what has come out for all Japanese consoles in the last 25 years. From psx to PS2, going by PS3 and obviously PS4 and PS5. In total, more than 700 games that will be divided between streaming or installable versions, which makes it easier for you to play them, create games and resume them in the future from those digital versions.

In all cases you will have the option to save and store games in the cloud, a detail that in recent times has become essential to store all the progress of those titles that we play in a safe place and, given the life they acquire, recover it easily in five, ten or 20 years.

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