Which premieres to watch this week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime

Wednesday, November 17

The festive air titles begin with the series Christmas Flow, which lands on the service with its season 1 and which tells the love story between a rapper and a journalist. You can also enjoy new stories from the famous reality show of The Kardashians and the second installment of the controversy Tiger king 2.

Do you like animation for adults? Then you should take a look at Cut along the dotted line, an Italian proposal about a cartoonist from Rome with an armadillo for conscience.

Thursday, November 18

It seems that Netflix is ​​little by little preparing the holidays of the little ones or at least that can be deduced from the titles that are coming. On Thursday we will expand the children’s catalog with Space dogs, where genetically modified dogs will find a new world.

There are also two films (the romantic comedy Princess Refill and the indian tape The outbreak of the news) and a new dose of monologues, in a Mexican key, with Carlos Ballarta: False prophet.

Friday, November 19

Fridays are usually powerful days in terms of premiere and this was not going to be an exception. You will be able to see the Turkish movie Love me anyway, the Korean mystery tape Heading to hell and season 2 of the documentary series The mind, in a nutshell.

Many wait like may water the premiere in addition to Cowboy bebop, an adaptation of the famous space western that will finally be released on Netflix.

The little ones, in addition, you can enjoy We have become extinct! and the fun The Addams Family while lovers of reality shows will be able to get hooked on one with a particularly Christmas touch: Blown Away: Christmas.

Do you want more? Well, there is still more for the start of the weekend. The 19 opens Procession, a grueling investigative documentary on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, and tick, tick … Boom!, the particular musical starring Andrew Garfield.

Saturday 20 November

A new episode of A new worldThe competitive Korean reality show premieres on Saturday for those hooked on the adventures of its 6 famous contestants.

What to watch this week on HBO Max

This is what awaits you on HBO Max.

Monday, November 15

The wonderful Succession continues to entertain us with its 5th episode while the followers of Insecure and Larry david They will also continue to enjoy new episodes.

Tuesday, November 16

Tuesday is premiere day on HBO Max and we refer to the tests. Tomorrow you will have new chapters of Axios, All American, Wild Republic, Real time with Bill Maher and Last Week tonight with John Oliver.

You can also see the full season 1 of Teenage Euthanasia, that of Dog looking for house and the first 6 chapters of season 2 of Betty.

Wednesday, November 17

Season 1 of The prince of Bel Air arrives this Wednesday. Those who saw The Flash will welcome episode 1 of season 8.

Thursday, November 18

We continue with new episodes of Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow while the first two chapters of s1 of The sex life of college girls and the T2 of Full Bloom (in bloom).

Friday, November 19

Season 3 of Craig’s world lands on HBO Max. New chapters of Dry Water, Paco’s men and Legacies.

Saturday 20 November

So much Gomorrah What Nancy drew update their chapters.

Sunday November 21

Even on Sunday you will have fun with Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Everything else and Kamikaze.

The premieres of the week on Amazon Prime Video

You have to wait until Friday to see what’s new on Amazon Prime Video. That day, yes, we have three tickets. the first one is Everybody loves Natty, a documentary series about reggaeton singer Natty Natasha. The second, completely change the third to look at the most soccer fans with Spanish soccer team. The strength of the group.

Finally the great premiere of the week for the platform (and one of the most important of the month): The wheel of time, set in an epic world where magic exists but only a few women can access it. The series is based on the great fantasy literary saga of the same name written by Robert Jordan (pseudonym James Oliver Rigney).

The story follows Moiraine, who, once arriving in the small town of Dos Río, will embark on a dangerous journey around the world with five young men, one of whom has been prophesied as the Dragon Reborn, who will save or destroy The humanity.

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