Which program do I use to download files: Mipony or JDownloader

A download manager is a program designed to make it easier for us to download all kinds of files from the Internet. These programs have a download queue where we add the links that we want to download, and they take care of the rest. Among other functions, they allow us to choose where to save each file, download it in several parts at the same time to accelerate the speed, and even pause the download to continue it at another time.

There are many programs designed for this purpose. But today we are going to see which one to choose from two great options: Mipony and JDownloader.

Mipony: a great download manager corrupted for the money

The first of the programs we are going to talk about is the Mipony download manager. This has been one of the best-known download managers for Windows and macOS, a very light and easy-to-use program that allows us to download files from the normal Internet as well as files from the torrent network and even YouTube videos.

It has automatic download functions so that we only have to add the link to him and let him take care of retrying the downloads, evade restrictions and even divide them into several parts to make the most of the fiber bandwidth. All we have to do is wait for it to finish and, once the file has been copied to the PC, go to the downloads folder.

What is the problem with this program? Although a few years ago it was completely free, today it is a paid program. It has a free version, stupidly limited, and with advertising. All this so that we pay for the license of Mipony Pro which has a cost of 14 euros per year.

A titan killed by the greed of its developers that, we, can not do anything but recommend. Luckily, there are other options.

JDownloader, the download giant

Download files with JDownloader - 5

JDownloader is a completely free and open source download manager (except for plugins for Premium accounts) that has been around for more than a decade. This program is written in Java, and thanks to this we can use it in any operating system, both Windows and macOS and Linux.

As a great download manager, this program offers us everything we need to download any file from the Internet. In addition to being compatible with direct HTTPS downloads, it has modules thanks to which we will be able to download all kinds of online hostings, both the typical ones (such as OneDrive or Google Drive) to the most complex ones. It even allows us to log in to take advantage of the premium accounts of these hostings. In total, it supports more than 110 hostings.

It also has many other advantages, such as the possibility of downloading several files at the same time, dividing the files into several parts, an OCR system to solve captchas, the possibility of customizing the theme, background updates, and much more. Of course, its two main disadvantages, especially compared to Mipony, is that, being based on Java, it consumes many more resources, and that does not support torrent downloads either. Despite these two drawbacks, it is still infinitely superior to Mipony, so if we are looking for a good download manager, this is the one we must download.

We can download JDownloader for free from your project website.

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