While True: learn () game free for a limited time

Those of Epic Games, puts at our disposal for free until next Thursday the 9th at 5 in the afternoon, Spanish time, the game while True: learn (), a game in which we put ourselves in the shoes of a specialist in machine learning and in the creation of neural networks, although our cat is much better at it.

In while True: learn (), we have to solve puzzles and build and translate cat to human. It is a simulation game where we must deal with machine learning, neural networks, big data and Artificial Intelligence, although the important thing is to understand our cat.

As we can read in the description of this game available in the Epic Games Store, while True: learn () is ideal for people who want to learn how machine learning and related technologies work.

Also ideal for parents and teachers who They are looking for a fun and simple way to introduce technology to the little ones, for people who love to spin their heads and want to try new things while having fun.

while True: learn () is available for your download completely free for Mac and Windows via the Epic Games Store. This title has a regular price of 9.99 euros and the offer will no longer be available on Thursday, December 9 at 5 p.m. Spanish time.

While True: learn () requirements

To be able to enjoy this puzzle title, our team must be managed by macOS 10.9 Mavericks, at 2 GHZ and accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. Although the voices of the game are in English, the text is translated both into Spanish from Spain and into Spanish from Latin America.

To take advantage of this offer, you need an Epic Games account, account to which the title will be associated and what will allow us to download it when we really have time to play, it is not necessary to buy it and download it at that time.

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