Whiskey taster locks up during pandemic for fear of losing taste and smell

Among the main Covid-19 symptoms are the loss of smell and taste, something that Blair Bowman, a recognized whiskey taster in Scotland, he is not willing to lose and therefore remains locked waiting for the contagions to decrease or to end the pandemic.

The young man from 31 years He made trips all over the world for his work as a whiskey taster and planned others to China, Japan and Dubai until the virus hit the world, so it has been locked up since March 2020 to avoid the risk of contagion.

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Bowman, who is also the creator of the Whiskey Day held on the third Saturday in May, he said in an interview for the EFE agency by Zoom to be happy and comfortable with his daily routine. He indicated that for the moment what he can do is “live in the present, enjoy this day (…) and wait for what comes tomorrow.”

Blair Bowman has the complete picture of the Covid-19 vaccine, although this gives him peace of mind, he will remain locked in because although it mitigates the effects, it will not prevent him from catching the virus.

Did you lose your job as a whiskey taster?

The taster detailed in an interview for the EFE agency that so far he continues with his job holding remote meetings, as it has exclusive clients as ambassadors and royals.

He indicated that he sent the whiskey signs to his clients and then he holds meetings to help them, in Asia in the morning and in America in the afternoon. Although he hopes contagions decrease to resume the international travel.

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“I am incredibly lucky for having a job that doesn’t feel like work, ”he affirms. I used to get paid to travel around the world and talk about whiskey; now the same, but sitting at home ”, he explained.

He indicated that in other countries of the world, such as Asia, they are used to wearing face masks and if someone has symptoms they must stay home and miss work. However, in Europe and the United States, society has refused to continue with some social restrictions, which will make it “take longer to return to normality.”


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