Whistleblower Software obtains ENS certification in Spain

The Nordic LegalTech company, Whistleblower Software, has become the first system dedicated to reporting irregularities in Spain, to obtain the Certification of the National Security Scheme. As of May 3, 2023, Whistleblower Software is officially a provider of whistleblowing systems certified by the ENS in Spain.

Implementing a mandatory reporting channel in companies means giving employees and partners the possibility of sharing information about possible irregularities within an organization. Receiving reports carries the responsibility of collecting, processing and storing data, some of which may be highly sensitive.

All public entities must ensure that they use a reliable and trustworthy reporting system, and the National Security Scheme serves as a guarantee of quality, verifying which tools are compatible with the requirements and which are not. In addition, all Spanish public institutions are required by law to choose digital solutions certified by the National Security Scheme (ENS).

“Whistleblower Software has always been committed to data privacy and security, and with our entry into the Spanish market, we consider it crucial to fully comply with the Spanish requirement for the public. For this reason, the ENS certification makes us proud not only for formalizing current regulations, but also for becoming the first system dedicated to reporting irregularities that has this certification in Spain.” commented Álvaro Blanco, country manager of Whistleblower Software in Spain.

ENS certification as a public guarantee of compliance

The ENS, National Security Scheme, It is a mandatory legal regulation for all public sector companies in Spain and their technology providers, which establishes the necessary conditions to guarantee trust in the use of electronic media. The main objective of the National Security Scheme (ENS) is to guarantee the security of information in the Spanish Public Administrations, establishing a series of measures and procedures to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, availability and authenticity of the information handled by the different public institutions. .

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Whistleblower Software’s platform has become into an essential tool for companies around the world to detect and address potential violations and ensure compliance with ethical standards in organizations, as well as compliance with current legislation in each country. But none of these premises would be possible without strong computer security measures. And that is why Whistleblower Software acquires an extra commitment to security, since in addition to complying with key security certifications such as ISO 27001:2013, ISAE 3000 Type 2 audit, and key legal regulations on whistleblowing, it goes further by offering :

  • End-to-end encryption of all communication channels.
  • Removal of metadata from attachments to ensure nothing can give away to a person.
  • Access management and authentication to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Periodic penetration tests to guarantee the resistance of the platform.
  • Compliance with the WCAG 2.1 AA standard for access by people with visual disabilities.
  • Custom retention period to define how long the data should be stored.
  • Multi-factor authentication, whitelist IP access, SSO, and other account security features.

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