Who are Marvel’s Illuminati

As we can see, the group is made up of some of the best minds in marvellike Tony Stark or Charles Xavier, as well as some of the most resourceful heroes (Namor, for example, is king of Atlantis, an advanced aquatic civilization, while Black Bolt is king of the Inhumans).

In both an earthly and mystical sense, they are heroes with higher intelligence and influencecapable of moving and analyzing an enormous amount of resources to know, resolve and anticipate, together, the bad that can happen.

Why is this group formed?

The Illuminati and their creation

After the devastating war between the Kree and the Skrulls, Iron-Man proposes to the rest of the original superheroes the creation of the group. The reason is to have realized that, between all of them, they had the information and the capacity to have prevented that war if they had coordinated and kept up to date.

Gathered at T’Challa’s Palace in Wakanda, the rest of the superheroes accept and, in a trait they share with the Illuminati of conspiracy theories, operate, meet and pull strings in secret for several years.

Thus, they share intelligence and data, operating behind the scenes from the rest of the superheroes. Although they are usually successful, their first mission was a bit disastrous and, in general, many plans end up having less positive consequences over time.

As a curiosity, Black Panther, host of the original meeting, do not wish to participate. He, like other superheroes, is a rebel and does not want to participate in a system of rich and powerful people who are or think they are geniuses. In fact, he warns them of his main weakness: their egos.

Being a group made up of the most influential, it is inevitable that they clash with each other and that, when there is a difference of ideas, no one will want to give in.

That will be foreboding.

Who’s who in the Illuminati from comics

Who are the Illuminati

As usually happens in groups of superheroes, the Illuminati have been eventually accepting some other member, revealing their existence and their work.

However, the original members are:

  • Tony Stark – Iron-Man. What can be said that hasn’t already been said about him? Playboy, millionaire, philanthropist, leader of The Avengers and who had the original idea of ​​creating the group.
  • Professor Xavier He is the leader of the X-Men, an incredibly powerful telepath, and a figure of enormous influence in the mutant community.
  • namor he is the king of the advanced underwater civilization of Atlantis and also a powerful mutant.
  • reed richards He is the leader of the Fantastic Four and one of the world’s foremost scientists.
  • doctor strange he is the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and represents the mystics and powers of magic, complementing those of his colleagues’ science.
  • black-bolt he is the king of the Inhumans and also one of the most powerful superheroes.

As we see, the Marvel world imitates the real world and the Illuminati are a handful of rich influencers who believes that he can handle the fate of the world better than anyone else.

Who are the Illuminati in the Marvel MCU

The Illuminati at the MCU

At the moment, we know little about the MCU’s Illuminati, except for the brief glimpse of the audience where Doctor Strange is introduced. The only thing we know for sure is that Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart, appears as one of the members.

that marks the beginning of the fusion of the X-Menso far in his own Fox universe. With the death of Tony Stark in the Marvel movies, it is very likely that Xavier will present himself as the leader of the Illuminati.

If, in addition, we are also going to see the Reed Richards of the MCU, meaning that the Fantastic Four are also integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is unknown.

What it does seem is that Stephen Strange comes before them without knowing who they are. In this way, Doctor Strange would not be an original member in the MCUalthough it is also possible that they will be revealed to have been around for a while.

Some of the main adventures in comics

The first mission of the Illuminati

Although the Illuminati represent the most intelligent and influential of superheroes (so don’t expect to see commoners like Spider-Man or Daredevil), their first joint mission was a disaster.

The first mission of the Illuminati

After the Kree-Skrull wars, the newly formed group, led by Tony Stark, travels to the Skrull world-throne to warn them to voluntarily stay away from Earth, because if not, the Illuminati will see to it. so by force.

But nevertheless, the supergroup is captured, tortured and subjected to experiments by the Skrulls.

They managed to escape with great difficulty and, on top of that, without realizing that the Skrulls had been able to learn everything about them. From magical to scientific knowledge, which will serve them for the future Super-Skrull invasion program.

A seamless debut.

the infinity gems

The Illuminati and gems

the illuminati too team up to get the six Infinity Stones, at the request of Mister Fantastic, who had already begun to collect them. The objective, in fact, is to make them disappear, so that this threat no longer hangs over the universe.

But nevertheless, Reed Richards fails in destroying them with the Infinity Gauntlet, he takes a rap from Uatu, the Watcher (one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe) and, finally, distributes the gems among the Illuminati so that they are never combined again.

The case of the Hulk and the dissolution of the Illuminati

After the destruction of Las Vegas by the Green Giant (he had to make the joke unfunny), Iron-Man proposes to the Illuminati a solution to the problem of an uncontrolled Hulk. Exile him to an uninhabited planet where he lives alone and without endangering anyoneas the Hulk has expressed more than once, which is his wish.

Namor dissents and leaves the group, warning that the Hulk will return for revenge and that Black Panther was right. too many egos

After that, the Illuminati decide not to meet anymore.

The Civil War arc in the comics

Since nothing really disappears in Marvel, the group is seen again with the theme of the Superhero Registration Act that Iron-Man promotes.

The plot is different from the one presented in the MCU, but the essence is the same and the rest of the Illuminati disagrees, except for Mister Fantastic.

Once again, the inability to reach a solution opens even greater cracks between its members.

world war hulk

The Illuminati vs. Hulk

Another Illuminati plan gone wrong. As Namor warned, the Hulk returns from Sakaar with a vengeance and a huge war breaks out between him and the Illuminati.

As we can see, the UCM has taken pieces of stories from the comics (such as Sakaar’s in thor ragnarok after the departure of Bruce Banner) and has reinterpreted them.

There are many more adventures of the Illuminati, including the most recent Secret Wars (the ones from 2015, not the ones from the ’80s), although many of the stories have a similar tone. The meeting of the most powerful superheroes does not always give the best result and Black Panther got them right.

Quite a metaphor for the real world, in which a lot of rich and powerful also believe that they can fix things and, in reality, they seem to only make things worse.

That, and that Tony Stark seems like the worst supervillain in reality, because he has some ideas that, sooner or later, end up coming back as a Boomerang with disastrous consequences.

Now, secret as they are, you know who the Illuminati are from the Marvel comics. It remains for us all to know how they are going to be introduced into the UCM and who their members and their history are going to be.

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