Who are the best Team Liquid LOL players in 2022?

Undoubtedly one of the most played games in all of history is League of Legends, a title as well known as competitive where winning as a team is really difficult today. The level is so high that the teams have to put together very balanced quintets that are closely connected to each other, where the players stop being one to be a whole. For this reason and ahead of the 2022 LCS, which players are chosen by Team Liquid on its roster to compete for the crown?

Team Liquid is one of those teams that is known worldwide within e-Sports, mainly because they have been with it for 12 years in the elite and its origins are not European or Asian, but American.

What is the current roster for Team Liquid at LOL 2022?


It was founded as a team for Starcraft, changed its name to Team Curse to return to being Team Liquid originally and compete in the NA LCS. They ended up focusing on LOL although now they have diversified their commitment to other titles such as CS:GO or Valorant, where together they are possibly the largest team in terms of players and games.

That said, we are going to know the roster with which they plan to compete to be crowned LOL champions again, since there are some sensible changes, in the team, although not in the settings used for this e-Sports game.

Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau

This Belgian born in 98 arrives after replacing S0AZ, consolidating himself as one of the starting players for LOL. He is a great bet for Team Liquid on their roster because he is called to lead the European player profile in the not too distant future given his versatile skills.

Barney “Alphari” Morris

British born in 99 who became known in the Misfits team, a European team that in the quarterfinals of the LCS almost defeated the incredible team SKT. This season he makes the leap to the Team Liquid roster to establish himself as one of the best, if not the best, Top Laners on our continent.

He moves very well as a tank or in lines, both individually if he plays and in groups, where he stands out quite a bit over his competitors.

Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in

As a good roster, every team must have Asian participants, since their way of thinking and playing make the perfect complement to the Western mentality. CoreJJ is a Korean player born in ’94 who has suffered ups and downs in his career, but after focusing and improving his game he came to the Samsung Galaxy team where his facet was essential to reach the world runner-up in 2016 and the LOL world championship in 2017.

Nicholas “Jensen” Jensen

Controversial player like few others, banned by Riot Games itself years ago where he had to change his nickname to the current one. Born in Denmark in 1995, he migrated to the US to become a better player, after which, and not without training and dedicated hours, he managed to position himself as a TOP 10 player in that country. He is now part of the Team Liquid roster to achieve world victory in 2022.

Edward “Tactical” Ra

A US-born player who represents youth on the Team Liquid roster as the youngest of all at just 22 years old. He exploded two years ago and has been trained in the academies of TSM and of Team Liquid itself, where after replacing Doublelift he has achieved ownership after his departure to another category team.

And so far the LOL roster for this 2022 in Team Liquid, can they take the victory in the LCS?

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