Who gives the voice to smart assistants?

Surely the television program sounds to you «The Hormiguero». Well, among many of its current sections there is one in which the guests must discover who the actor or dubbing actress in front of them voices.

The last time Paz Vega made an appearance on said program, Pablo Motos made her face this “game.” And, to everyone’s surprise, before them was Siri’s voice. This voice actress is Iratxe Gomez, a woman from the Basque Country who had played Apple’s assistant without having any idea that it would be her.

As Iratxe herself commented on the program, an acquaintance had proposed her to do a dubbing role by being able to record phrases in English and Spanish, in addition to having a voice profile that suited her for the job. What was the surprise of this woman when, through an advertisement when she lived in China, she discovered that she had given voice to this assistant.

Most surprising of all, unfortunately for her, she is no longer in charge of putting her voice. He commented that a relative bought a new device on the block and, to his surprise, he found that the assistant’s voice was no longer his own, it had changed. As a curious fact, Iratxe has also been in charge of giving voice to most GPS systems a few years ago.

Who is currently Siri? Well, both for his voice in Spanish for the female and male gender there is no data. It is a mystery.

Who is the voice of Alexa

On the other hand we have Alexa which, as you already know, is another of the most used assistants at the moment thanks to the incredible distribution of smart speakers that Amazon has managed to bring to homes around the world.

This intelligent assistant is somewhat younger than the previous one, since he was born in 2014. However, it was not until 2018 that he made his triumphal entry into Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain.

Now, Who is hiding behind the voice of Alexa? Well, it seems to be a true state secret for Amazon. According to the media The Verge In one of their articles, there is a hypothesis that they claim to be revealed in a book called Amazon Unbound, where they seem to clarify that the person in charge of giving voice to this intelligent assistant is the announcer Nina rolle. Although Nina has not made any statements about it, there is talk that a confidentiality contract does not allow her to reveal that identity.

However, many other media comment that, really, the “natural” voice of Alexa has never existed. It is said that the voice of this assistant is generated from the rules of Text to Speech o TTS (text to speech), supported by the artificial intelligence. Although at the beginning of this method Alexa’s voice sounded quite mechanical, little by little it is believed that they have been improving the process to make it more natural.

Who is the voice of Cortana

Now it is the least used assistant in this entire list, Cortana It also has a niche in the market, especially focused on Windows computers.

This Microsoft-created wizard was first shown at the Microsoft Build developer conference in 2014. It was created to introduce products with Windows, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Band, the Invoke smart speaker, and Xbox One.

The most curious thing about this intelligent assistant is that it is named after a synthetic intelligence character from Halo. For this reason, since the world of video games is much more open in terms of naming its interpreters, we can know that the person in charge of giving voice (in English) to Cortana is the dubbing actress Jen taylor. As you can imagine, both the Halo character and said assistant share a voice. In addition to Cortana, Jen has also voiced other characters such as Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Birdo and Toadette, all characters from the Mario universe.

On the other hand, if you wonder who is the voice of this intelligent assistant in Spanish, as it happens in the rest, we do not have any information about it.

Who gives voice to Google Assistant

Last but not least, we have the well-known Google Assistant. You know, that voice that surely a voice will have jumped through your phone without prior notice or, if you usually make use of it, a very useful help that always accompanies you on your mobile phone.

It debuted in 2016 as part of the Google Allo messaging app, and it wasn’t until 2017 that it began to dominate the Android phone industry. And shortly thereafter, it was introduced into other smart home equipment as well.

As for who has been in charge of giving voice to this Google assistant, it is the one that raises the greatest mystery. There are no leaks, there is not much evidence. All we have are certain rumors that, in the development process, Google had its eye on the voice of the Majel barrett for having been in charge of interpreting many computer voices in the Star Trek movies and series.

Although, the option that seems more plausible is that, as with Alexa, the rules of Text to Speech supported with artificial intelligence for its creation.

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