Who is, the company acquired by GoDaddy

Some days ago, godaddy announced that it had reached a definitive agreement to acquire the company It is a startup that was born to «be a catalyst for innovation in the domain industry and make this product accessible to all”. This fits perfectly with GoDaddy’s corporate culture.

At the closing of the operation, foreseen for the third quarter of’s team of innovative professionals will join GoDaddy’s Domains, Registrars and Investors (DRI) team.

The agreement offers great opportunities for the clients of both companies, since the integration of automation and rent-to-own options from adds momentum to GoDaddy’s goal of offering domain investors an integrated experience within a world-class marketplace, aided by professional guidance, scientific data and the world’s leading brokerage team.

More than 84 million domains managedGoDaddy intends this acquisition to be a boost to continued revenue growth for its domain business.

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