Who is PayFlow, the winning startup of the South Summit 2022?

As we have already reported in this article, last week the latest edition of the innovation event, South Summit, was held in Madrid. After three days of celebrations, the award for the best startup of this year took place. The recognition went to the Madrilenian, Payflow. It is a B2BC platform that allows the employees of a company access your income on demand. Thanks to this, workers can use this app to instantly receive a fraction of their earned salary, regardless of the day or where they are.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, was in charge of presiding over the closing ceremony and presenting the award to Payflow, Sánchez wanted to join in the celebration of ten years of South Summit, affirming that “It has established itself as an unavoidable event in the Spanish ecosystem”.

The startup was founded in the midst of a pandemic, in March 2020, with the aim of helping workers improve their working lives. Its founders are Avinash Sukhwani and Benoît Menardotwo very young entrepreneurs who have had the support of top-level investors such as Seaya, Cathay Innovation, Y combinator, Rocket Internet, CaixaBank and Telefónica, among others, for their project.

The rest of the prizes

During the course of the day, the prizes that recognize the most disruptive, scalable, sustainable startups and the best team. The Valencian company, Zeleros, has obtained the award for the Most Disruptive startup. This project has led the development of a Hyperloop project, a land transport system that connects urban and logistics centers at a speed of 1,000 km/h with zero direct emissions. In addition, Zeleros also won the Mobility & Smart Cities vertical competition last Thursday.

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the startup ware has been recognized with the award for the Most Scalable startup thanks to its cloud gaming platform that allows users to play any game on any device, without the need to buy a console. This Madrid-based startup also emerged as the winner of the Comms & Channel vertical.

The Catalan company Nextmol, for its part, has received the award to the best team. This startup from Barcelona has created a virtual laboratory to accelerate the design of better and more sustainable chemical products. All this thanks to computational techniques such as molecular modeling and machine learning. Nextmol was also the winning startup in the Industry 5.0 vertical.

Lastly, the award for the startup More Sustainable has fallen to Ryp Labs. This American startup develops simple and effective solutions that can be used at any point in the food product supply chain. All this with the aim of guaranteeing a 100% sustainable production process. This startup won the competition in the Energy Transition & Sustainability vertical.

Within the framework of this act, the prize was also awarded THE NEXT BIG THING, that recognizes the entrepreneurial talent of the smallest within South Summit and has fallen on the Madrilenian Fernandez de Cordoba College, for its ‘Green Hydroship’ project.

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