Who is Spider-Man’s biggest villain?

And we are not going to make you wait to meet him, because Spider-Man’s greatest villain is undoubtedly The green Goblin.

Yes, yes, we already know that in these things there are opinions for everything, and that there are at least a couple that could have also claimed the title. So let’s do the honorable mention for them before we get into flour.

The other most important villains of Spider-Man

There are countless and the title could have been at least two others and not much could be argued for.

Venom could have taken the crown, because the rivalry he had / has with Spider-Man is legendary. An example is Spider-arc, when Venom was Flash Thompson and not Eddie Brock.

This story is probably the climax in Venom’s transition from villain to hero and Thompson, a regular Spider-Man rival, discovers that he is Peter Parker in this comic. Nevertheless, Spidey he has had other rivals who have led him further down the street of bitterness.

Doctor Octopus is another legendary antagonist, which has almost 500 appearances in the comics and will return in the film No way home, which opens in December 2021. Without a doubt, a recognition of its importance and the other candidate for greatest villain of Spider-man.

But even though he touches the trophy, we have to take it away from him.

Why the Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s most important villain

Costume and mask The green Goblin It has been worn by up to four people, but two of them stand out from the rest. Norman Osborn, the millionaire businessman who is the Green Goblin original and his son Harry Osborn, the best friend of Spider-man.

Since July 1964, both Harry and Norman Osborn together they have almost 1,000 appearances in the comics. More than any other if we discount JJ ​​Jameson as a villain and even, separately, they add up to more than the next most common villain, the Doctor octopus. That already accounts for the times that hero and evil have made life impossible for each other.

Also, their rivalry is undoubtedly the most emotional and personal, due to the ties of friendship and hatred between the Osborns and Peter Parker.

In fact, the Green Gobline literally kills Spider-man. Peter actually kills himself in Ultimate spider-man 160, when he throws a truck over The green Goblin to finish him off and the explosion hits him. At least he dies with a smile, because that means saving Aunt May, something he could never do with Uncle Ben.

Yes, it is not the first time Spider-man dies or nearly dies at the hands of other villains (or the Punisher), but without any doubt, The green Goblin takes the cake. And not only for that and his thousand fights. The goblin he is also responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s girlfriend.

In the comics, it occurs in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1, number 121, in the year 1973. In the movies it occurs in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), where a scene almost identical to the one in the comic is recreated.

For all these reasons, without a doubt, The green Goblin is the greatest villain of Spider-man. And if not, you can always ask Andrew Garfield, who is delighted to answer the 100 daily questions asked about the character he played and if he appears in No way home.

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