Who is the athlete with the most followers on Instagram?

exist millions of sports fanss around the globe. And it is quite usual that the fans of one or certain athletes do not want to lose track of them in social networks. And although Twitter came before, elite athletes manage much better on Instagram. And at this point, it’s time to ask the question. Who is the athlete with the most followers on Instagram?

The importance of social networks for professional athletes

The instagram profiles of athletes are not like those of mere mortals. They are not limited to being a simple history of their lives. Are shop windows where they can exploit their personal brands, attract sponsorships and, in general, comply with the agreements they sign in their millionaire contracts when they sign for a club.

The importance that Instagram profiles have today on the lives of athletes is so great that the vast majority of them they do not manage their accounts, but are carried by marketers and communication. This does not mean that everything they publish is a lie, but that they communicate what they want to say to experts and they are the ones who shape the publications.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the athlete with the most followers

To date, the Portuguese soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, is the athlete who leads the ranking of followers in the world of sports. The star, who is currently back at Manchester United, has 386 million followers today’s date.

During 2021, “the bug” has had a great growth as far as the follower counter is concerned. After announcing in the summer that he was leaving Juventus to return to Manchester, Madeir’sa almost suddenly gained 50 million followers plus. And the worst thing is that he was still the first on the list even before winning that number.

In addition, CR7 is not only the most followed athlete on Instagram. Too It is the second account with the most followers of the social network itself.. Who occupies the first position there? Well, the Instagram profile itself on Instagram, which gets about 70 million followers from the Portuguese, although surely that position does not have as much merit, since it is the typical profile that many people follow almost by inertia.

How is the Top 5 completed?

lebron neymar athletes instagram

If you have been left wanting more, don’t worry, because we are going to complete the list a little. Cristiano is closely followed by his lifelong rival, the Argentinian Lionel Messi with 297 million of followers in the social network. The third position is occupied by a lesser-known athlete in our continent, Virat Kohli, which is an eindian cricket star, and who captains the national team of his country. kohl has 177 million followers on Instagram, even though you’ve probably never heard of him. The fourth position with 167 million belongs to the Brazilian Neymar junior, and the top 5 is closed by the Michael Jordan of our times, that is, the king, The mythical Lebron James, which has some 107 million be followers.

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