Who is The Dead? This is Bad Bunny’s character for Marvel

If you are still surprised to see figures like The Rock or John Cena in theaters, you will be even more surprised by the new actor that Sony has signed to continue his saga of spider-man villains. It is neither more nor less than Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as bad bunny, one of the Latin trap icons that has caused the most talk these years. The Puerto Rican singer will play El Muerto, a character that will continue the legacy of Venom, Kraven and Morbius.

Bad Bunny is also raining papers

Sony Pictures continues to have big plans for its Spider-Man villain universe to continue to grow. After the sequel to Venom and the premiere of Morbius with Jared Leto, the studio has announced that Bad Bunny will be in charge of giving life to his next villain. However, the singer will not start his acting career in this film. Sony Pictures has decided to have him because the character of El Muerto seems almost tailor-made for him, but the studio decided to hire him after seeing his performance in Bullet Traina film by David Leitch that opens next July and which several members of the film industry were able to attend in a preliminary screening.

Who is The Dead?

El Muerto had his first appearance in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6, in the year 2006. It was a creation of Peter David and Roger Cruz that barely appeared in a couple of issues of the comic. The character was a professional wrestler with superpowers who brought him his mask. In the comic, El Muerto engages in charity combat against Spider-Man, where he breaks the rules by throwing Spider-Man a paralyzing poison and where he nearly removes the superhero’s mask. Later, Spidey and El Muerto end up teaming up to fight a common enemy: Dorado.

According to Sanford Panitch, president of Sony Pictures, the “bad rabbit” was the perfect actor for this job. For Bad Bunny, the election has been quite a surprise. The childhood of this singer was highly influenced by professional wrestling, and it continues to be one of his great passions along with skateboarding. In fact, this, the artist considers that the fight is also part of his music. In the video clip of chambea, one of his most famous songs, the rapper is introduced as a fighter before the song begins. The funny part of the matter is that he is introduced by Ric Flair, an American WWE icon from the 1970s.

Bad Bunny also participated last year in Wrestlemaniaone of the most important events organized by WWE and in which he won a match.

When will the movie be released?

At the moment, the project is planned for the 2024. The tape still has no script, no director and much less casting beyond the singer. The complicated thing for Sony will be finding the perfect space so as not to interfere in the saturated schedule of the Puerto Rican singer, who is going to have to organize his tours very well to combine his new double life.

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