Who is the mysterious woman in the Doctor Strange post-credits?

More characters, it’s war!

Also, another factor that viewers are evaluating positively are the new characters that it presents, highlighting América Chávez, the charismatic treadmill of universes as well as a certain sorceress that we could see in the first post-credits scene of the film. But before starting to talk about this character, remember that We have no choice but to drop the occasional spoiler from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so that later you do not say that we have not warned you. Without further delay, let’s start commenting on the scene.

In the sequence in question, we see Doctor Strange walking calmly through New York when, suddenly, a voice calls out to him. He turns around and finds a woman with white hair and a purple suit, played by Charlize Theron, who does not hesitate to blame him for causing an incursion into the multiverse and that he must accompany her to fix it. It is at this moment that she opens a portal to what appears to be the dark dimension. The scene concludes with the sorcerer and our mysterious heroine preparing to put an end to the problem.

This mysterious character that is presented to us is Clea, an ally from the Sorcerer Supreme’s comics. In the comics, she is the niece of Dormammu, the sovereign of the dark dimension and, after a battle between Strange and his uncle, she decides to join our hero in order to prevent him from dominating planet Earth.

Clea and Dr. Strange.

What does this character mean for the UCM?

Well, what this scene implies about why a new incursion has been created could predict a multiversal war that is about to start. As explained in the film, an incursion happens when two lands collide, destroying both. This was precisely what we were told at the end of the series of Loki and because these events are known, she may be an important part of the multiverse saga, which is what the current phase 4 is about.


In addition, another reason why Marvel Studios could have incorporated this new character would be that, as told in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Christine Palmer, Stephen’s great love, marries someone else, so Marvel may have included this magician in the Cinematic Universe with the aim of developing a love plot that does work for the sorcerer.

It must be remembered that in the comics both Clea and Strange have been one of the most stable couples in the entire Marvel universe. In addition, and after the death of Doctor Strange, she is the one who wields the mantle of the sorcerer supremeso it is possible that this is a long-term plan so that the day Benedict Cumberbatch decides to retire from the role, we can still enjoy the magical adventures of a formal and approved heiress by all the fans.

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