Who will be the next James Bond: this is how the bets go

The official answer to who will be the next James Bond

With the premiere of no time to diethe questions arose Barbara Broccolithe woman who holds the future of the Bond saga in her hands.

In various statements in December 2021, such as those of the program Today of Radio 4, the producer insisted that there is nothing official, they were not even thinking about it casting of the next Bond and therefore no one was being seriously talked to yet.

However, as the subject does not stop, certain actors continue to have a more prominent role.

Idris Elba, one of the best placed actors

You know what the Internet is like and, lately, has turned again with Idris Elba. The actor, DJ and celebrities he has always been one of the best placed in the fight since it was known that Craig would hang up the suit.

Social networks are giving it a new push and Broccoli herself, in recent statements from this same 2022 to dead line has said the following:

“We know Idris, we are friends and he is a wonderful actor. And you know, has been part of the conversationbut it’s always hard to have when there’s someone still in (Bond’s) seat.”

That is Yes but no. Despite these words, the official position does not change and, in fact, Elba is not the best positioned in the raceAt least according to those who put money into these things.

Who will be the next James Bond according to bets

Regé-Jean Page, the best placed according to the bets

As for some time now you can play roulette with everything, the Oddschecker website keeps track of how are the betseven week by week, about who will be the next Bond.

I don’t know very well who is putting money into it, but that’s how the race is in the top three positions.

  1. Rege-Jean Page. The actor who has busted it with The Bridgertons on Netflix has been playing for a long time like the preferred candidate to be Bond.
  2. Tom Hardy. Another timeless classic in the conversation, which Broccoli would say, would change the suit of Venom for a more refined one.
  3. Richard Madden. The King in the North and Ikaris is the bronze medal for being Bond, according to the odds.

And where is Elba in this classification? in seventh placejust below another candidate the entire internet is in love with: henry cavillaka Superman and The Witcher.

Will James Bond be a woman?

For quite some time, it was suggested that James Bond could be played by a woman, but for now, it’s not going to be like that.

Although the production company is quite clear that Bond is a concept that is not tied to any ethnic group and it is not ruled out that the next Bond will not be white, for now, Broccoli herself has rejected the idea that a woman will embody it.

According to her: “We must create good roles for women, not just turn a man into a woman.”

So here’s the thing about who will be the next James Bond. You will say who is your favorite.

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