Who will win Quartet A at Euro 2024?

Sports betting makes any match more interesting to watch, even if it looks boring. At the same time, avid fans will probably want to bet on outright, predicting not only the winner of a particular game, but also the triumphant player in the tournament or its individual subgroup. The Euro is already in the summer, which means that millions of football fans will gather in front of their screens to follow its ups and downs. To make predictions, download the apk, and we will look at the disposition in Quartet A, taking into account the odds for the triumph of each of the group members.

Germany – 1.48

Anyone who constantly follows football probably knows that the modern Bundesteam is not exactly the car that everyone is used to seeing. It is possible that the problem lies in how the team spent the last year and a half – there were no official matches, because the hosts of the continental championship, according to established tradition, do not qualify.

And the Germans played disgustingly in the freight trains. Let’s take the last ten matches – there are reasons for pride (two victories over France and another over the Netherlands), but there is also outright shame, like the 1:4 defeat against the most modest (compared to Germany) Japan. The Bundesteam also lost to the Turks, Poles, Austrians and Colombians, although there is no need to criticize the latter too much – the South Americans have gained momentum.

In short, fans shouldn’t expect much from Germany, but fans and even bookmakers still believe that such a team cannot disgrace itself. She is third on the list of tournament favorites, and even more so should win her group. Separately, bets are accepted on the exit or non-exit of Bundestim in ⅛, but everything is predictable there:

  • will come out – 1.05;
  • won’t come out – 10.0.

Switzerland – 6.0

The Crusaders have never in their history achieved results higher than the quarterfinals at large forums, but the last time they were not in the playoffs was quite a long time ago – at Euro 2012, where they did not make it at all. Switzerland has taught us that this is a strong team, which not without reason played all the seasons in the Nations League in Division A. With such a resume, one could claim first place in the group, if not for Germany.

True, the recent successes of the Swiss look unsatisfactory. In the last ten matches there are only two victories, over Andorra and Ireland, but as many as seven draws, even against opponents who do not seem formidable. The national team of the country of banks, cheese and chocolate barely made it through the qualifications, narrowly missing out on Israel to the Euro. At the same time, she only lost to Romania, so it is impossible to clearly evaluate her game.

As a result, the two strongest quartets – Germany and Switzerland – are in a potentially dismantled state. The Swiss, if they were in form now, could try to win the group, but they seem a more likely contender for second place – with access to the playoffs. For their participation in ⅛ they give 1.53, and for 2.5 you can bet that with such football they will only go home.

Hungary – 7.5

Two silver medals at the World Championship and bronze at the Euro are all real achievements of the Hungarian national team, which only fans of this team know about. Why? Because this was back in the middle of the last century, and then the Hungarians fell into such decline that for decades they could not get into big forums. This team has not consistently attended the World Cup since 1986, and only began to participate in continental competitions again after expanding to 24 participants.

It would seem, what to expect from a team with such a track record, especially in the company of Germany and Switzerland, even dismantled? Indeed, the Hungarians are almost the underdog of the quartet, but what you can’t take away from them is good form. Their group in qualifying was not difficult (no one is worse than Serbia), but Hungary won it without losing a single match. In the last ten matches, the Serbs were beaten twice, and once again – not the weakest Turkey, albeit on a freight train. This team has not been tested against powerful opponents for a long time, but it is significant that it consistently takes its points without disappointing.

If only the first two places had qualified from the group, Hungary would probably have to be cut out. The third position does not guarantee passage to the playoffs, but bookmakers rather believe in the Hungarians – the odds are 1.68 that we will see them in the ⅛, and 2.2 that they will limit themselves to three matches in the tournament.

Scotland – 9.0

The Scots repeatedly went to the World and European Championships, but the result was always the same: group stage – and home, no playoffs. After a twenty-year pause without major tournaments, they made it to Euro 2020 – for the sake of one point. And here they are again, and the bar has been set very low – a simple finish in the ⅛, even from third place, will be a historical achievement.

The qualifying round went well – it was impossible to win the group, since the first place was immediately staked out for Spain, but the third Norway was a decent six points behind. This result does not correlate at all with the results of the last ten matches – the Scots are on a current streak of 7 games without a win, with 5 defeats. But there is no mystery here – they lost to the Spaniards once in qualifying, and the calendar of friendly matches was like that of the top team: England, France, the Netherlands.

Scotland is unlikely to claim first place – it should take third, because for them Hungary is not a gift. It is noteworthy that bookmakers are more likely to believe even in the Scottish playoffs – the odds are 1.78 for exit and 2.05 for non-exit.


Germany should win the group, unless they do nonsense – and this is possible, given that they qualify for the playoffs in second and, theoretically, even third place. If the Germans stumble, the Swiss must take the initiative. The triumph of Hungary will be a real sensation, and it’s simply hard to believe that the quartet will be led by Scotland.

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