Who’s who in Eternals, the new Marvel movie

Jack Kirby, the creator of the Eternals

Before we start giving you names of each of the eternals that you will see in the next MCU movie, let’s find out who its creator was.

Jack Kirby was the person who shaped this cast of characters within the Marvel universe. He did it after his return to the company and after a few years working for his great rival: DC. There he imagined a series of characters with whom the Eternals share certain characteristics.

However, it was during the 70’s when he began to shape these beings that for the last 7,000 years they were guarding the Earth to protect it from deviants. Each of them has a number of abilities and powers that make them different, but they all aim to protect the human race.

Who’s who in the new Marvel movie

After watching the trailer you will wonder who each and every one of these eternals are. Because there is not only one but there are several that will appear. So we are going to do a review so that you have a little clearer all this and part of the importance that these beings have had in the evolution of the human race during the thousands of years that they have been monitoring the planet and its inhabitants.


Played by one of the great Hollywood stars, Salma Hayek, Ajak is a member of the Polar Eternals, a group whose base of operations is in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

This Eternal is the leader of the group and together with her ability to heal she endows her with a power and weight within the very large group. Of course, its relationship with the rest is not easy because it also acts as a link between the Eternals and the Celestials.


If Ajak is the leader of the group, Thena is another of the important figures within it. An elite warrior belonging to the Eternals of Olympia. With great skills when it comes to handling all kinds of weapons, the role will be played on the big screen by Angelina Jolie.


Interpreted by Gemma Chan, Sersi is one of the Eternals and has the ability to manipulate matter. That has allowed him to help humanity, for which he has great love and respect, in many little ways. In fact, it has been mixed with it in a way that has gone completely unnoticed while working on museum-related issues.


Ikaris is another of the eEernos, one of the main ones and is played by Richard Madden. The actor that we could already see in Game of Thrones This time gives life to an eternal with the ability to fly and shoot rays of light from his eyes. Although it may be that their connection with Sersei is what draws the most attention because of how each of them sees some important issues that affect humanity.


Attentive, Kumail Nanjiani (known to many from the series The Silicon Valley) is Kingo. This could be said to be the most mediatic Eternal of all. While the rest tried to go unnoticed, Kingo sought to be a Bollywood star.

Kingo’s power is to manipulate energy with his hands and he will surely surprise you also with his abilities as a fighter who enjoys fighting.


The youngest of all the Eternals is Sprite and the character will give life Lia McHugh. That if she is the youngest in appearance does not mean that in reality she also has thousands of years behind her. So their abilities and potential to protect the human race should not be underestimated.


Phastos is Brian Tyree Henry, an Eternal with a brilliant mind capable of inventing weapons and very different technology. You could say that he is in charge of logistics and many of the elements that will be seen, such as transport vehicles, etc.


The first deaf heroine of the UCM, that is Makkari and it is an important detail to highlight because it allows to offer that point of inclusion that has been requested so much to this type of productions to guarantee and prevent people with some type of disability from being affected when thinking that they could never be capable of certain things.

Interpreted by Lauren Ridlof, Makkari’s role may be one of the most interesting for further analysis, as well as Phastos’s.


To go ending, Barry keoghan is Druig, another of the Eternals that we will see in the cinema from November 5. The power of this is to be able to manipulate people’s thinking.

With a somewhat distant and lonely character, it will be attractive to see how he relates in the film with the rest of the protagonists.


Korean actor Don lee brings to life Gilgamesh, the mighty warrior of the Eternals capable of eliminating his rivals with a single punch. Although that aspect does not mean that later he turns out to be a nice guy with a lot of sense of humor.

The Eternals Trailer

The Marvel Studios Eternals features an exciting new team of superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, an unexpected tragedy forces them to come out of the shadows to rally against humanity’s oldest enemy, The Deviants.

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