Who’s who in Netflix Korea’s Money Heist

La Casa de Papel is, without a doubt, the most successful Spanish series of all time. An international phenomenon that has crossed our borders, it has become one of the most watched series on Netflix and, furthermore, it is making them come out remakes in different countries. One of them is the fashionable nation in terms of series, Korea (South). The Asian country has copied the series from us and has made its own interpretation. Today, we bring you who is each of the characters in that peculiar version.

Outside our borders it is known The Money Heist What MoneyHeistwhich translated, would be something like the theft of money.

And while in the United States Netflix is ​​already preparing the American version of the series, which will be titled jigsaw (yes, like the one in the movie Saw), in South Korea they have already got down to work with their own remake from The Money Heist.

Who’s who in the Korean version of La Casa de Papel

In this Asian version, the international title remainsmore or less, so it’s called Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. Yes really.

The argument is also identical, although adapted to what is there, of course. Everything will unfold around a hostage situation during a big robbery. On one side will be the police and on the other the resistanceembodied by the group of thieves led by The teacher. same as in The Money Heist Spanish, this is a planning genius and everything will revolve around the duel of wits between the gang and the police.

As we can see, the main character maintains the nickname of the Spanish series and, in general, all the characters will receive the same code names as in the version of our country.

Thus, in the cast we have:

  • Yoo Ji Tae As the teacher.
  • Park Hae Soo like the Machiavellian berlin.
  • Jung Jong Seo like the impetuous tokyo.
  • Jang Yoon Ju like the charismatic Nairobi.
  • Lee Hyun Woo like the young River.
  • Kim Ji Hoon like the mighty Helsinki.
  • Kim Ji Hun (no it’s not the same) as Denver.
  • Lee Won Jong like the endearing Moscow.
  • Lee Kyuho like the mysterious Oslo.
  • kim yunin as Inspector Woo Jin (aka Lisbon).

While Kim Yun Jin will play Woo Jin, the police in charge of coordinating the anti-theft device.

As you can see, nothing has been complicated, although it is true that the well-known Berlin mask that the band uses to hide their faces will be changed for a version more in keeping with Korean culture. Or at least, that’s what Park Hae Soo says in the previous video, the actor who will play Berlin -and who may ring a bell for the squid game.

The series does not yet have a specific release date, but it will arrive this 2022.

We will see if the success is repeated or which of the two series seems more entertaining to us. Although it is to be hoped that, apart from adapting some other aspect of the story, so that it fits in with the oriental context and connects better with the audience there, it seems that they are going to warm their heads a little.

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