Why a password manager is worth paying for

As it has been happening for many years, these personal access codes that we use must be sufficiently secure. What we mean by this is that they must be long and complex so that they cannot be easily guessed. But that is not all, but other important measures must be taken in this regard to protect these accesses. For example, it is also not advisable to use the same password on several sites, in addition to changing them from time to time.

How the use of a password manager helps us

It is true that all these tasks can be a bit uncomfortable and even complicated, especially if we deal with a good amount of these elements. Remember many complex passwords it is quite a complicated task. That is precisely where the aforementioned managers, who do not stop growing in terms of use, come into play.

Actually, we are talking about programs that act as password managers to help us deal with them. In this way, they store all our complex passwords and protect them using a master key. Thus, from that moment on we will not have to remember those password, since we have them at our disposal saved in the program.

There are both free and paid alternatives of this type, but many of you are probably wondering if it is worth paying for a password manager or not.

Helpful additional features available

The first thing to keep in mind In this sense is that payment password managers present us with some interesting additional functions. These are not used to store other elements such as Bank cards, encrypted notes and all kinds of personal files. This is quite common in most software sectors, since paid programs must offer some differential factor compared to free ones.

Therefore, depending on the use that we are going to make of this manager, if it is intensive, we may be interested in paying for a more complete one.

Payment options are self-monetizing

At this point we must bear in mind that in these programs we are going to store really sensitive data such as our passwords. At the same time we must bear in mind that many software developers have to earn money with their projects, something that they obviously do not achieve directly with free programs.

Some monetize in their projects based on integrated advertising, or by giving the option of giving for certain more advanced functions. However, those that are totally free could make money by illicitly selling our stored data. More if these passwords are stored in the cloud, since they are still stored on an external third-party server. That is not to say that all free managers do it, but there have been some cases in the past.

Therefore, this could be considered as another compelling reason for us not to sing about the use of payment managers instead of free ones, in the future we may end up thanking it.

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