Why a Simple Windows Restart Solves So Many Problems

Be that as it may, when these behaviors begin to occur on the computer, one of the first solutions that we usually use is to restart the system. And it is that over the years, experience has shown us that this simple process solves more failures than we expect. Therefore, instead of getting entangled with complex internal functions of the operating system, first of all, what we do is restart it. However, if we think about it coldly, it doesn’t make much sense that this fixes a software glitch.

That at least is the theory, however, if we know what the system does when it reboots, even if it is above, we will understand the reasons why so many bugs are fixed. Of course, when we talk about restarting or turning off a Windows PC, we mean doing it properly.

How to safely restart Windows

what we should try to avoid at all costs is to turn off or restart the computer directly from its physical button. Windows itself offers us several ways to do this safely. For example, this is something that we can do from the start menu, where we find the relevant restart, shutdown or suspension buttons. We can also make use of the Alt + F4 key combination if we stand at the desk.

And that’s not all, since we can also press the Ctrl + Shift + Del keys in order to shut down or restart the computer without any problem.

Restart the PC to close processes

When we launch one or more programs on a Windows computer, as a general rule, they usually open several processes that are started in the background. Sometimes an excess of them overloads the RAM of the computer, which translates into crashes and errors of all kinds. At the same time, sometimes these processes can conflict with some component of the PC or even with other processes, which can also give us certain problems.

Therefore, against him only restart the computer all these open processes both the system and the programs are closed automatically, hence the errors disappear.

RAM is a key but delicate element

We have already commented before that program processes sometimes overload the RAM memory that we have installed in the computer. But this can happen with a multitude of elements that we are executing in the operating system, including its own files. Serve as an example if we are working with high-quality photos, high-resolution videos.

This can translate into an overload of the RAM that we have, something more common if the equipment is old. Therefore, this will mean that the system will suddenly freeze, so a restart of this will solve all these problems.

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