Why am I a fan of Apple?

The reasons why Apple has fallen in love with me

Apple is a brand, a company, differentand it is that despite the fact that like every company has well-defined economic objectives, let’s not fool ourselves, Apple also makes and makes many decisions for money, it has a background and a different way of doing things, which it likes or not, but it is different, it does not go unnoticed and that, in the end, always creates a division of opinion.

One of the parts that I like the most about Apple is the great social commitment that it always has with different causes of injustices that we live today in society. While other companies prefer not to take sides for rights that today should not be questioned, those of Cupertino always get wet in favor of the weakest.

That being said, obviously if Apple has been able to earn my money it has been thanks to everything it offers at a functional level with its different devices. Like many others of my generation, my beginnings at Apple were with Ipod nano, which at that time was the object of desire for many people, since it allowed you to carry your songs in a device that was really small and that, in addition, was already really beautiful. I went through, of course, the iPod Touch, in fact for a couple of generations until, finally, at the age of 18 I had in my hands the first iPhone, the iPhone 5 in silver. I will never forget those first hours with that device that had me completely absorbed.

iPhone 14 Pro Max overhead

The truth is my relationship with Apple had only just begun, and I never imagined that iPod nano would have such an impact on my life that I had made a living writing about Apple devices for almost three years. But hey, let’s continue, after the iPhone 5 the iPad mini also arrived, and later a wide variety of products, plus the iPhone, and that is that I have been renewing them practically every year, the Mac, the AirPods, the iPad, Apple Watch and HomePod, and the truth is that, What I can highlight most about Apple I would define it with the feeling I had when I bought my first Maca 13-inch MacBook Pro retina, and it was the certainty that this device made my life easier, and that I had 100% control over it.

And it is that that is Apple, that is what the Cupertino company does, give you tools for your day to day, which help you to do the actions that you have to do yes or yes, you can do them in the easiest, fastest way and comfortable as possible. And as if that were not enough, and this is the icing on the cake, how beautiful Apple makes everything, because functional excellence never has to be at odds with visual and design excellenceand that at Apple has always been really present.

MacBook Air MidnightThank you for accompanying me on this adventure to all of you who have visited this web page to read some of my opinions, news, reviews or compilations during all these years, it has been a real pleasure for me to be part of this project. And all, too, thanks to Apple.

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