Why Apple Podcast is not widely used in Spain

In 2021, Apple introduced Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, a global service that allows users to discover premium subscriptions from their favorite creators, as well as millions of free shows available on Apple Podcasts. However, this app in Spain has not had the expected interest, and in this post we explain some of the reasons.

In May of that same year, users in more than 170 countries and regions could purchase premium subscriptions with extras such as access to exclusive content, zero advertising and first-time news. Thus, they can subscribe to productions from independent creators and renowned studios or from leaders in the audiovisual and entertainment sector such as the Los Angeles Times, Sony Music Entertainment and many more.

Users can also discover channels; that is, program selections compiled by the creators of the podcasts with exclusive titles, descriptions and images. As with shows, users can browse the free channels to discover other shows from their favorite creators, as well as paid channels and channels that offer additional benefits to subscribers. If you are a content creator, Apple Podcast has the possibility for you to use the platform to upload your content there and reach more people. On the Apple website you can see all the requirements and conditions that are offered so that you can use this platform for your content.

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These are some of the reasons

Despite all these options offered by Apple Podcast, in Spain it has not finished working. And there is no clear reason to explain why this is so. However, there are several reasons that could explain it. One of them is that you need an extra subscription, since it is not included with Apple Music. Many people think that they could go together and many more people would make use of the available podcasts.

Another reason why users in Spain do not use this service is that without a subscription, you can only listen to podcasts with advertising and there are hardly any advantages or options to download or share them. This means that there are those who prefer to listen to the podcast on another platform that does not have ads.


But without a doubt, one of the most important reasons is that in Spain there are many people who, despite having Apple devices, do not subscribe to any service from the Cupertino company and prefer other apps such as Spotify. In this app, with a single subscription, you can have unlimited access to music and podcasts, without having to pay more to listen to more content.

However, despite the fact that it has not been as successful as expected in Spain, there are quite a few users who do take advantage of this service. And it is that if you are a lover of podcasts and exclusive content, Apple Podcast is ideal for you. As we have said before, one of the great advantages of this service is the large amount of extra content that comes with the subscription.

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